Vision: Compassionate Caring by Jackie Dobrinska, Coordinator of Community Life

Horses herd, birds flock and fish school. Did you know that Crows murder? Dolphins pod? Bears sleuth? Zebras zeal? And Hippopotamus crash? But what about humans? Humans tribe. Sometimes our tribe is small – our partner, parents and/or children. Sometimes it’s large – social, political and spiritual groups. Sometimes we pick them, and sometimes we […]

Upcoming Events: 2.5.2016

Advanced Care & After Death Directives Workshop By settling the matters of your world and making decisions ahead of time, you leave a gift to your loved ones – the information they will need to make decisions on your behalf. To begin the process, we will be offering a 9 hour class, held over 3 […]

Vision: “Let Everything that Has Breath Praise the Lord” by Jubilant Rob Mohr

During February and March the Earth Team’s creation care group will be working with our children on projects that broaden their connection with the earth and that challenge the adult community to recognize and correct our own disconnect with the earth and all of creation. Together Jubilants of all ages will be given a number […]

World Cafe Summary

Thank you to all who attended the World Cafe!  We discovered so much from the community’s needs, priorities and values.  Below is a summary of the large amount of data we collected.  The board is meeting in mid -February and we will use this information to set priorities for the coming year. Thank you so […]

Feb/March Nurture Newsletter

Click here to read the Feb./March 2016 Nurture Newsletter. Find out what the kids will be discussing for the next couple of months, check out our upcoming calendar of events, and learn more about our amazing Upper Elementary teacher, Fede Collina.

Vision: Upcoming Events on 01.22.2106

Understanding the Spiritual Self …Sundays, January 24 and 31, February 14 & 21 at 2 pm You are probably like the rest of us, living in a ceaseless struggle between mind and emotion, ideas and feelings, success and failure. The problem with living life in that manner is there is never any resolve, only more […]

Vision: Stoned Secrets by Howard on 01.22.2016

According to David Jacques, Stonehenge took over 4000 years to create into what we recognize as its present form. And David Jacques ought to know. He’s a Fulbright scholar, an archaeologist at University of Buckingham in Southeast England and one of the foremost authorities on Stonehenge landscape in the Mesolithic Period (8500-4000 BC). Which is, […]

Upcoming Events: 1.08.2016

Have You Ever Needed a Helping Hand?  Had a surgery, a birth or death, a life-changing diagnosis, a challenge as you age, or simply the everyday demands of a culture without community?  Then you know the love and support of others is what matters. Announcing the Jubilee! Care and Compassion Team. Our mission is to foster […]

Vision: Tree Talk by Howard

You can hug a tree, you can climb a tree. You can chop a limb off a tree, hang a swing on a tree, pick some fruit from a tree, decorate a tree if it’s Christmas, paint a picture of a tree, tie a yellow ribbon round an old oak tree, not sit under the […]