Upcoming Events: 10.30.15

Your Contributions at Work! …Six Agencies Selected for “One Time” Gifts Earlier this year, Jubilee! gave $7,500 to six non-profits in the Asheville Area to support their work. These include Asheville Reiki Connection, Bounty & Soul, CarePartners Foundation, Creation Carolina, Helios Warriors and One Youth at a Time. Carolyn Ashworth from CarePartners wrote in a […]

Vision: Thich and Tom by Howard

Thich and Tom “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” He read it over again. “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” It was a quote from Thich Nhat […]

Upcoming events: 10.16.15

Male-Female Healing Mysteries…Healing the Wounds to Create a Harmonious Life Tuesdays, October 20—November 10 at 7 pm at Jubilee! Do you ever long to end the pain and frustration of unfulfilling friendships and relationships? Do you ever wonder, ”Why does this crap keep happening to me?” The inconvenient yet powerful truth is, reality is an […]

Vision: Pan-orama by Howard

What makes someone or something “woo-woo?” OK, this may not be the question that keeps you up at night. But what would you say is the difference between “woo-woo” and “not-woo-woo?” If you define “woo-woo” as an idea, belief or believer with no rational base (like, say, most of the recent presidential debates), then is […]

Upcoming Events: 10.3.15

Experience Another Culture with the Latin Neighbor Team You are invited to join the Latin Neighbors Team, Jubilee’s newest outreach team. We will plan ways to connect Jubilants with our Latin Neighbors to share cultural and family traditions, discuss issues affecting local immigrants and directly support the immigrant community of Buncombe County. The Team will […]

VISION: First Kiss by Howard

It hadn’t been her first kiss.  Far from it.  Penelope Lyn had kissed and been kissed more times than she could count.  She had tried adding up the kissers one time, but decided to quit when she began to feel like a slut.  “Never mind,” she had told herself.  “Some things you just don’t need […]

Upcoming Events 9.18.15

The NEW Jubilee! Website Launches September 27th!  The new website is an interactive, colorful, easy-to-use site with great information about Jubilee!, Jubilants and ways to stay engaged with the community. There is a calendar of events, free recordings of celebrations, on-line contribution and much, much more.  Soon it will include a password protected Jubilee Directory. […]


It’s as if the thing were written in the constitution of the age: Sooner or later you’ll wind up pacing the cage. – Bruce Cockburn, “Pacing the Cage”                 “Insanity,” said Albert Einstein or Gertrude Stein or maybe Albert’s cousin, Zweistein – who knows? – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting […]

Give, Take, Learn by H. Joyell Smith

Mark and Peter seemed like nice guys. Nice homeless guys, like many others who are talented and smart, but have fallen on hard times. I met these men by the dock in Old Town Alexandria. Right next to the Torpedo factory—the one Peter worked at for 30 years. It was a cool spring night when I passed […]

VISION: Mythchievous Myths by Howard

I love mythology.  Have always loved it.  Admittedly, more than most theology. Mythology throws pebbles at the window of imagination’s bedroom and with a whispered call, says, “Come out in the moonlight and play!”   Theology, on the other hand, often marches around the living room with heavy boots of conviction. Unlike theology, mythology doesn’t have […]