It’s as if the thing were written in the constitution of the age: Sooner or later you’ll wind up pacing the cage. – Bruce Cockburn, “Pacing the Cage”                 “Insanity,” said Albert Einstein or Gertrude Stein or maybe Albert’s cousin, Zweistein – who knows? – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting […]

Give, Take, Learn by H. Joyell Smith

Mark and Peter seemed like nice guys. Nice homeless guys, like many others who are talented and smart, but have fallen on hard times. I met these men by the dock in Old Town Alexandria. Right next to the Torpedo factory—the one Peter worked at for 30 years. It was a cool spring night when I passed […]

VISION: Mythchievous Myths by Howard

I love mythology.  Have always loved it.  Admittedly, more than most theology. Mythology throws pebbles at the window of imagination’s bedroom and with a whispered call, says, “Come out in the moonlight and play!”   Theology, on the other hand, often marches around the living room with heavy boots of conviction. Unlike theology, mythology doesn’t have […]

Upcoming Events 8.9.15

Summer “Dog Days” River Float…Sunday, August 9th at 1 pm The Jubilee! Earth Team invites you to float the river. We will meet a 1 pm at Zen Tube located at 608 Riverside Drive (north of River Arts district) and depart via shuttle at 1:30 pm. The float will take 3 – 4 hours. The cost is […]

VISION: Shawls, Shamen & Shenanigans by Howard

“So what the hell is prayer?” “Huh?” I responded, my head cocked and face smeared with a befuddled pasta-stippled grin. My friend and I were just finishing a splendid spread of pineapple/bacon pizza with a side of anchovies and sufficient juice of fermented grain mush to balance it out. He said, “I asked what prayer […]