• Upcoming Events: 05.25.2018

    May 27, 2018

    The Few, the Proud …the Jubilee! Cleaning Team Twice a year, a small group of dedicated Jubilants gather to work their magic! On Saturday, May 12th, if you were... Read More >

  • Disorderly Ordinands & Ordinals

    By law, JUBILEE! is a church. By name, we’re a community. Traditionally, churches promote religion. JUBILEE! promotes life. Religion is organized. JUBILEE! is, well… Religions are institutional. At JUBILEE!,... Read More >

  • Upcoming Events: 05.11.2018

    A Letter to the Jubilee! Community Dear Jubilants, “There’s a crack in everything.  That’s how the light gets in.”  Howard’s message about his retirement might feel like it will... Read More >

  • Upcoming Events: 04.27.2018

    The Unruly Mystic: Saint Hildegard …Monday, April 30th at 7 pm International film maker Michael Conti will be screening the documentary, The Unruly Mystic: Saint Hildegard, at Jubilee! following the Creation... Read More >

  • What’s the Buzz? by Howard Hanger

    April 12, 2018

    If spring is anything, it’s a season of sounds: Life-kickin’-into-gear sounds, back-in-the-kitchen-cookin’ sounds, hold-onto-your-britches-here-we-go-again sounds. Out of the dark and silent wings of winter onto the bright and rowdy... Read More >

  • Upcoming Events: 04.13.2018

    You Are Not Alone in Your Grief …Tuesday, April 24th, 6—10 pm  Grief is as natural an expression of humanness as joy, and honors the losses of what we... Read More >

  • Upcoming Events: 3.30.2018

    Not MY Kid! Preventing Adolescent Substance Abuse Series …Three consecutive sessions beginning April 11th, 6 – 8 pm. Attend one session or all.               If you are the parent... Read More >