Celebration Media & Recordings

Several print media items support Sunday celebrations, and we also record a celebration each Sunday:

Seeds of Celebration: At the beginning of each Via/season, Jubilee! distributes Seeds of Celebration and posts it on this website. This quarterly publication introduces the theme for the new season. It contains brief summaries of upcoming Celebrations as well as references to scripture to be read each week.

Jubilants are invited to participate in Celebrations with personal offerings of song, dance, poetry or prose readings, or other unique gifts.

By looking ahead in Seeds of Celebration, you have the opportunity to choose a Sunday to present your unique gift in a way that honors your special talents.  If you are interested in offering a gift, please call the Jubilee! office at 252-5335.  Please remember that gifts already may be scheduled for the Sunday you have chosen, and you may be asked to select another date.

Below is a link to our current Seeds of Celebration and to past Seeds. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this link. The Reader is available as a free download by clicking here.

Sunday Bulletin: The Sunday Bulletin guides Jubilants through each week’s Celebration. It includes words to songs and prayers, lists gifts of special talents, highlights baptisms, and concludes with meditations chosen to reflect that week’s focus. The Sunday Bulletin also includes an insert containing important announcements and reminders of upcoming events and team meetings. To view the archives, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here, to download it for free, if you do not already have it.


Celebration Recordings: We record a celebration each Sunday for Jubliants who live at a distance, who missed the service, or who simply want to get a second helping of this soul food. You can listen to the recordings either on your computer or via a CD. Below are details about each option.

Current Celebration Recording

Click link above to play recording
(or right-click to save for later listening)

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Listen from your computer

You can listen free-of-charge to the most recent celebration recording via your computer (MP3). Times to download the recording from the Internet to your computer vary depending on your connection speed (average size 26 MB). You can either “stream” the recording (ex. listen as the full recording is loading onto your computer) or you can save the file to listen to at another time.

To listen via streaming audio, turn on your computer speakers, then click the link below for the current celebration recording.

To save the recording to listen to later, use the right-key on your computer mouse (Mac: hold CTRL while clicking the mouse button) and then click “save as” and choose a location where you can easily find the recording later on.
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Listen to a copy on CD

The cost to receive a celebration on compact disc is $3.00 (pick up at Jubilee) or $5.00 (disc mailed to you). You can also “subscribe” to receive the celebrations for an entire quarter for just $60.00. Subscribers receive 2 CDs and copies of the Sunday bulletins via mail every two weeks.

Sign up in the Hospitality Room to get your celebration recordings via CD. You can also contact Jubilee via email or phone (828) 252-5335 to request celebration CDs.