Vision: All the News that’s Fit to Print by Howard Hanger

August 31, 2017 |

Frankly, I love reading the New York Times.  Frankly, I hate reading the New York Times. The Times has some of the best journalistic writers in the game.  But, their subject matter inevitably gets stuck in politico jibberish – who said or tweeted what about whom and how that might affect whomever else.

From my limited view on what’s happening, I would suggest that the NYT (or any news media, for that matter) does not ever include all the news that’s fit to print. Not even close. And for that reason, we nosy-newsers get an enormously warped and fretful idea of what’s really going on in the world and as the result, substantially increase the sale of Xanax, whiskey and Caribbean vacations.

I would humbly suggest that the so-called “news” we watch, hear and read is a miniscule and mostly insignificant smidge of what is truly going on. When, for example, have we ever seen the headlines, “The Sun Came Up Today” or “Still Enough Clean Air To Breathe.” You gotta admit, unless those two pieces are in place, anything Congress does or doesn’t do don’t make a diddly of difference.

So, let’s take a look at some news that actually might be fit to print:

  • Millions of birds all over the world are now waiting for their offspring to mature before they begin their migration of thousands of miles.
  • The migration of the Monarch Butterflies – called by botanists as “one of the most spectacular natural phenomenon in the world” – will begin very shortly
  • Billions of stars are shining every night
  • The full solar eclipse which cut a swathe through the United State last week still has countless humans in awe
  • Tens of thousands of people all over the country are pitching in to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas
  • In the United States alone, it is estimated that as many as 600,000 new books are published each year
  • There is a seat in a public school for every child in the United States
  • We have no idea how many thousands of kids take music lessons, but the MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) has over 24,000 members
  • At least 63 countries in this world offer universal health care to all their citizens including China and most countries in Europe
  • There are billions of flowers blooming right now somewhere on this planet
  • UNICEF estimates that in our world, there are 350,000 babies born every day
  • On each and every day, untold millions of people around the world laugh together, hug each other, share love, offer forgiveness and compassion

And on the local scene, here in Asheville:

  • Jordy Greiner, a lovely 10-year-old girl, who had a bout with leukemia at age 3, is fully  recovered and was baptized Sunday in the Jubilee! Community
  • Jubilee! Community has given through July of this year $22,577.12 to feed hungry people
  • A Jubilant named Gabriel danced through the celebration at Jubilee! last Sunday

You get the idea. There is more going on in this world than we can ever imagine; and though tweets and firings and snarky comments and stock averages are part of our world, they are not what’s most important and certainly not what makes life worth the ride. What say, on this day, we all make some news that’s fit to print.