Vision: Christmas Poem, 2017 by Jubilant Mazie Warters

December 21, 2017 |

Stray stars heavy with light

Dance across night’s broad shoulders

And settle into place one by one.

Angels, those ancient winged navigators

Halos polished to a golden shimmer—

Begin their proclamation,

“BE NOT AFRAID—for unto you is born

This night—a child—a savior.”

And shepherds startled but reverent

Who have waited thousands of nights

Beneath a silent sky

Waited on the edge of belief and disbelief

Waited for prophecy—waited for hope

Begin their journey through the night

That becomes an unspoken prayer.

Their sheep trail behind like whispers.

And wandering kings propped atop fat thighed camels

Move like short steeples in the desert

Seeking a little town that wraps itself around a stable

Where the air thickens with smells of animals

And the ancient rhythms of birth.

Joseph, filled with expectation, kneels in awe and wonder

Mary, emptied of her heavy belly,

Graciously cradles the weight of god in her hands.

And Christ-mas begins.

We enter the stable, kneel beside the manger…

We are the shepherds, the kings, the visitors to Bethlehem,

We are led by the star we carry within every memory,

Every dream. Every CHRIST-mas. Every Christ-mas.