Vision: Upcoming Events, 10.14.2016

October 13, 2016 |

Vespers with Jay Joslin
…Sunday, October 23rd, 5—6 pm
Our Vespers Services will be happening on the second and fourth Sundays this fall.  These gatherings are invitations to deepen our connection with the Via Negativa and beyond and are a meditative, contemplative service in which folks may know and find comfort.  All are welcome.

Day of the Dead Jubilee!/LaZoom Tour Is Happening Again
…Sunday, October 30th at 4 pm.  Only 40 tickets will be available.
Jubilee! is celebrating the Day of the Dead a.k.a. All Souls’ Day, this year on Sunday, October 30th, with a LaZoom Bus Tour led by Howard with music from Mexico.  The bus leaves from the north side of the Wall Street Parking Deck at 4 pm, returns at 5:30 pm.  We’ll be visiting Riverside Cemetery, singing Mexican songs, lighting candles and throwing flowers in the river to honor our dead loved ones. Tickets are $25 and include flowers and candy “skulls.” Buy your tickets at the Welcome Table.

All Saints Day Bonfire at Hanger Hall
…Tuesday, November 1st at 5 pm
Join us at Hanger Hall, 31 Park Avenue, North, less than a mile from Jubilee! for our annual All Saints Day Bonfire. It is said that on the Day of the Dead the veil between this world and the next is lifted and communication may happen. So…we’ll share memories of our deceased loved ones, send them messages.  We will also read, pray and burn the prayers from the Jubilee! Prayer Wall.  Bring munchies & drinkies if you wish.

Get on the Path!
…Thursday, November 17th, 6—9 pm at Hanger Hall
Interested in learning more about Jubilee!? Want to meet some of these wacky Jubilants? Then sign up for Pathways which is the best way we know to get involved at Jubilee! And if you would like to become a member, this is the way to get started.  Finger foods and beverages will be served.  Participation is limited to 20 folks.  Sign up at the Welcome Table on Sunday mornings.

Join the Discussion…It is not too late to join in the conversation!
Jubilee’s Book Group meets every Monday at 1:30 pm and we always welcome new members.  On October 10, we began discussion of Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates. This book is a #1 NY Times bestseller and a National Book Winner.  From The New York Observer: “This is a bold and personal literary exploration of America’s racial history by ‘the single best writer on the subject of race in the United States.’” Questions?  Call Claudia 713-3720.

Go on a Mission Trip! We need six more folks to sign up.|
Jubilee! has been a supporter of Jubilee House in Nicaragua for many years.  They provide work in agriculture, public health and education. Several Jubilants have indicated interest in going on a volunteer work trip during the week of January 21-29. Interested? Contact Patrick at [email protected] or (828) 777-2495. Please note that the trip involves work, but time is also spent learning about the culture of the Nicaraguan people.

Under Construction
…Habitat Workday—November 3rd, 8:30 am
Jubilee! is participating in the construction of the18th annual Interfaith House with Habitat for Humanity in the Shiloh community at 1008 West Chapel Rd. The final workday is Thursday, November 3rd.  All workdays are from 8:30 am till 3:30 pm. Can you help?  Sign up on the sheets on the Welcome Counter in the Hospitality Room.  Sponsored by the Service Team.

Pledge to Vote!
…Remember: Early Voting begins October 20th
Are You Prepared? For example, are you registered to vote at your current address under your current name or know when early voting starts? If you don’t know, Jubilant Ron Katz at (828) 768-4559 is available to assist, or you can find Ron at the Voting Table in the Hospitality Room on Sunday mornings.  Stop by for assistance.

Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?
…Thursday, November 10th, from 7—8:30 pm
“If you’re not living your higher purpose, then whose purpose are you living? Join us for an exploration of the negative habits, beliefs, and scripts that may be running your life and keeping you from knowing and living your true purpose. We’ll also explore a simple process for testing and challenging those beliefs that can bring you relief from their effects and help you clear out the inner obstacles that may be keeping you from living your truest life.” Join Jubilant Steve Martin for this enlightening discussion.  This class is sponsored by the Jubilee! Spiritual Journey Team.