Vision: Upcoming Events June 10

June 13, 2016 |

The Singing Journey…Listen, Absorb, and Let Your Voice Soar!
Sunday, June 19th from 2 to 5 pm

In the Singing Journey we explore the world of improvisation and what our voices may teach us. We will allow our voices to help us connect more deeply with the body, mind, and self. Group chants, song circles, and improvisatory exercises are used with focus on breath, tone, movement, and active listening to self and others. Members explore the vast array of tones they can employ and learn to integrate these into their whole being, expanding their palate of sounds.

The workshop leader will be Virginia Schenck who is an accomplished jazz vocalist and music therapist who often spices up her shows with tribal influences from her own vocal exploration and of CircleSinging, which she studied under legendary Bobby McFerrin and his Voicestra member, Rhiannon. Virginia’s therapeutic work of SoulSong Circle using improvisation was recently published in the International Dictionary of Music Therapy.  This event is sponsored by the World Beat Band.


Four New Board Members Selected…Farewell Nancy, Jim, Griggs & Dave

This month the Jubilee! Board is saying goodbye to Nancy Ellington, Jim Taylor, Griggs Ward and Dave Werle who have completed their three-year terms. And, we are saying hello to four new persons who are beginning their three-year terms beginning July 1st. The four new members are Barbara Brady, Fred Racey, Ray Raymond and David Robertson. These four individuals are all members of the Community who support Jubilee! with their time and their dollars. Each brings unique gifts to share and in coming weeks you can read about them.  Farewell Nancy, Jim, Griggs and Dave.  You have been a blessing to us. And, welcome Barbara, Fred, Ray and David. In this edition we will share information about Barbara. In upcoming editions, we will feature Fred, Ray and David.

Barbara Brady— I love Jubilee!, and have been attending for almost 14 years. During this time I have served as a Prayer Partner at the Western Wall, led grief recovery workshops, shared my interest in art by displaying my paintings and cards in the Hospitality Room Gallery and offered a slide-show/presentation on my walk along the El Camino de Santiago. I think what I would find most enjoyable from serving on the board would be the kinship with fellow board members, knowing I can contribute to making a positive difference with Jubilee!, the visioning process, creative problem-solving and brainstorming in which I would be involved. Through my work as a Coach, Consultant and Spiritual Guide, I believe that I have developed good communication/listening skills, empathy, compassion and resourcefulness.  I think I also possess the ability to see and understand multiple perspectives and points of view. I’m excited and honored to be part of a wonderful group of people serving the spiritual community that I love.

Discover the Astounding Earth
Saturday, June 11th from 1- 4:30 pm

  • Luke Cannon is an avid naturalist and long time pursuer and teacher of our astounding world.  He will be leading

Jubilants! on a special nature walk in Shoppe Creek, sharing the ecological intricacies of plants, birds, insects, lichens, fungi and more.  His enthusiasm, knowledge and teaching style helps us build closer relationships with the wilds around us. Sponsored by the Earth Team. Sign up on the bulletin board, or contact Jackie at [email protected]  Participation is by donation.

The Jubilee! Earth Team says…Let’s Go Camping!

  • Return to the magical area of Lake Santeetlah in the Joyce Kilmer National Forest on the weekend of June 17—19. We have openings for 25 folks who will be in for an amazing treat as we hike to a mountain overlook, ride the Cherohal Skyway, swim and boat in the warm waters of Lake Santeetlah, take in the full moon and hike under the 500 + year old trees of the National Forest. To participate, you must sign up and pay $10 per tent.  Well behaved pets and kids are welcome. Not a camper?  Rent a nearby cabin and join us for the adventures and food.  Need more information?  Email Tim Wilkins at [email protected]

Seeds Available

  • The Seeds for Celebration for the Summer quarter, the Via Positiva, are now available on the counter in the Hospitality Room or on line at the Jubilee! website.  The theme is “The Blessed Mess.”  If you have a gift of music, poetry, prose, dance or whatever, email Howard at [email protected]

Join us for Summer Vespers

  • Beginning on June 26th at 5 pm, Jubilee! Minister Jay Joslin and friends will offer something new – Vespers services! Meeting on the last Sunday of June, July & August, these gatherings are invitations to deepen our connection with the Via Positiva and beyond. Vespers will explore even more ways to celebrate, cre-ate, and grow community. By tradition, Vespers is a meditative and contemplative service – as this will be, yet in that special way in which  Jubliants know and find comfort. Questions? Email Jay at [email protected] or call 828-275-4637.

Did You Know?

  • The most current edition of the Jubilee! newsletter which comes out every other week is always available on our website at no charge.  Go to www.jubilee and click on the NEWS Tab on the Home page. In addition to the current edition, you can also read past editions which include Howard’s thoughtful articles and other useful information.