Vision: Upcoming Events, June 24

July 7, 2016 |

Summer Vespers Begin This Coming Sunday… June 26th at 5 pm
Beginning this coming Sunday, June 26th at 5 pm, Jubilee! Minister Jay Joslin and friends will offer something new – Vespers services. Meeting on the last Sunday of June, July & August, these gatherings are invitations to deepen our connection with the Via Positiva and beyond. Vespers will explore even more ways to celebrate, create, and grow community. By tradition, Vespers is a meditative and contemplative service in which Jubliants may know and find comfort. Questions? Email Jay at [email protected] or call 828-275-4637.

 Second Chat ‘n Snack of the Season Coming
…Sunday, July 3rd,  6—8 pm at Hanger Hall
Join us on the Fourth of July weekend at Hanger Hall, 31 Park Avenue, North, near downtown Asheville from 6 to 8 pm for our next Chat ‘n Snack of the summer. We will gather around the pool to swim, enjoy potluck foods, dance and enjoy each other’s company.  Be sure to wear your swim suit and bring your own towel if you and/or your family want to swim. Also please bring food to share. Beverages will be provided.  Chat ‘n Snacks are a perfect venue for meeting other Jubilants and expanding your circle of friends.  The Chat ‘n Snacks are brought to you by the Jubilee! Board of Directors.

The Jester’s Crucible
…Friday, July 8
th @ 8:30 pm
Let go of judgment in the melting pot of the Jester’s Crucible and dance to celebrate our ability to grow. In the mid summer’s heat we rub off the rough edges of our psyche and get down to the basics and dance. Show up for our higher learning and ride a wave of energy and eclectic dance music. Drop pretenses at the door and dance out attachment to the comfort zone in the raw, playful and safe container of the Jester’s Crucible. The warm up begins at 8:30 pm and the Dance at 9 pm.  Donate according to your ability. This is a Community Life event.

Four New Board Members Selected
This month we are saying hello to four new persons who are beginning their three-year terms beginning July 1st.   The four new members are Barbara Brady, Fred Racey, Ray Raymond and David Robertson. Each brings unique gifts to share and in coming weeks you can read about them in this newsletter.  In the June 10th edition of Vision we shared information about Barbara. In this edition we are featuring Fred Racey.

Fred—My main reasons for wanting to serve on the board are to give my time & talents to Jubilee! in addition to my “treasure,” which I’ve done regularly since 2011.  Now that I’m no longer a volunteer at the Cradle of Forestry in America’s historic site, I have the time.  I have been a full-time traveler for the past 6 years, and last fall purchased a home near west Asheville and settled down.  I was born in Asheville and have always considered it my home. My talents are those of a former organizational development consultant – team builder, consensus seeker, good listener and decision maker.  I was also an officer and pilot in the Air Force prior to my OD consulting career.  Over the past 40 years I have served on 10 non-profit boards, including my current role on the board of the Cradle of Forestry in America Interpretive Association.  I’m also a pipe carrier in the Lakota tradition and have studied the I Ching with Howard Bad Hand.

Seeds for Celebration Available
The Seeds for Celebration for the Summer quarter, the Via Positiva, are now available on the counter in the Hospitality Room or on line at the Jubilee! website.  The theme is “The Blessed Mess.”  If you have a gift of music, poetry, prose, dance or whatever, email Howard at howard [email protected]

Let the Sign Up Begin!
Room in the Inn will be happening again at Jubilee! the week of July 17—24.  We will be hosting twelve women who are without housing.  To make it happen we will need hosts, cooks, drivers and overnight innkeepers.  Can you help?  Sign up will begin on Sunday, June 26th and continue through July 10th.  Not in town?  No problem.  Just give Carol Greenspan a call at 298-6066.

On Vacation
The Jubilee! Book Discussion Group is taking its summer break. The group will return on Monday, August 1st at its regular time…1:30 pm.  Questions? Call Claudia at 828-713-3720.

Jubilants! Need a Hand?
If you are in a time of crisis (surgery, unexpected event, etc.) and need help with rides, meals, or simple tasks, please contact the Care & Compassion Team through Jackie Dobrinska or Lauren Fortuna.  We cannot provide funds, but will do our best to help within our team’s capacity. For more information,  call Jubilee! at (828) 252-5335 ext. 3#.


$3000 Raised!
Thanks to you, the Jubilee! Singers and World Beat Band raised $3000 in support of the Rosser family at the Concert/Dance on June 5th.

Share Your Gifts with Our Kids
Enjoy dancing, playing music, or being creative in other ways? Want to share your gifts with kids? If you have something to share with the Nurture Program kids on Sunday morning, let me know! Others have taught circus tricks, made watercolor prints, sketched animals, fashioned pottery, or shared songs/dances. The sky’s the limit! Contact Vicki ([email protected] or 252-5335 VMB #2) to discuss dates and appropriate/desired age group.