Vision: Via Transformativa: Transformation, Liberation & Celebration by Howard Hanger

March 16, 2017 |

Transformation, liberation & celebration are the themes of all my novels. – Tom Robbins

The only folks who appreciate change, goes the old saying, are babies and beggars. Fresh diapers and coins in the cup almost always make things better. Change is great for anyone if it brings what you want. You might change your job to one that you love or change your lover to one who doesn’t feel like a job. Happy times.

The problem is, you never know about change. Change can be unsettling and unnerving. Can lead you down a path and get you totally lost.  It can not only upset the applecart, but then can send you a bill for the damages. On the other hand, change can upset the applecart giving you the opportunity to meet the hottie apple peddler. The problem is, you never know. So many of us would rather look at change and say, “Thank you very much; but not today, thank you.”

But, like it or not, change is always part of the meal – if not the entre. Change is the gas for evolution’s motor of mud and we’ve all been riding in that engine ever since, like it or not. Nor are we humans singled out for this mud bath. The slosh-fest has been going on for all of life, ever since carbon, hydrogen and oxygen had their little clandestine hook-up bash, some 4.5 billion years ago. A secret affair, it was. No pictures, no videos, no documentaries. And neither carbon, hydrogen nor oxygen have since disclosed the details of that secretive, spicy and salacious life-starter. Every dot, diddle and doodle of life got its start in the unknown. Including you. Your oldest ancestor is mystery.

        With God, said Jesus, all is possible. If that is so, then,  perhaps God is the essence
        of transformation. And when we are transforming or acting as  transformers,
        we’re in the God Biz.

The result of change, of course, is transformation—trans: across/form: shape – moving across and taking shape into what hasn’t been before. Ever. And given that you and I and all life have been changing from the get-go, it seems obvious that we are each and all transforming and transformers. We’re experienced professionals – part and parcel of this flabbergasting phenomenon of reforming, restructuring, rearranging every morsel of life.

Which means, everything is possible. With God, said Jesus, all is possible. And if that is so, then, perhaps God is the essence of transformation.  And when we are transforming or acting as transformers, we’re in the God Biz.

Be that as it may, transforming is liberating. When you are transformed or transforming, you get to live as you’ve never lived before. You get to see the world and yourself in a whole new way. Infinite possibilities flood in.  Imaginations ignite.  “Some see things as they are and ask, ‘why?’” said Robert Kennedy. “I dream of things that never were and ask, ‘Why not?’” That’s the business of transformation. And that’s the glory of liberation. We are constantly being liberated from the prison of what has been into of the universe of what might be.

Liberation opens the ballroom door and allows the music to call you in, singing, shouting and shaking your bootie to the good news that we are never, ever, ever stuck. Never, ever nailed down. Always transforming. Always giving life another chance in another shape. Always setting us free.

Life, like Jesus, is forever jumping off the cross – off those governmental/religious crosses which try in futility to stop the flow of the River, to stop the forming and reforming of life, to squash the burgeoning possibilities of living and how it might be. The earthly powers have never stopped the transforming flow of life.  And that is liberating to the body, mind and spirit. And that is, indeed, worth celebrating.