02.14.2020 Events & News

February 12, 2020 |

Racial Equity Team Potluck
…Sunday, February 16th, at 12:45 pm
Bring your favorite dish to share and meet others in our community who care about racial and economic equity.  We’ll share our vision for our Jubilee Racial Equity efforts for 2020. The book club will also meet that same day at 6 pm. Questions? Call Melody at (407) 716-6874.

 View “The Game Changers”
…Monday, February 17th @ 7 pm
The Earth Team will be showing the 90 minute documentary The Game Changers at Jubilee! in the Celebration Center. World famous ultra-athletes and renowned doctors and scientists make a case for saving your life and the life of the planet by moving toward a plant based diet. A love donation is asked. Samples of veggie delights will be provided following the show.  The film is rated R for language and sexual content. Questions? Email Mona at [email protected]

 Group Prayer & Practice
…Every Tuesday at noon in the Celebration Center
Jubilee! invites you to join the fellowship, prayer/meditation/practice group every Tuesday at noon for 45 minutes.  Bring your practice, whatever that is (mindful-ness, japa, rosary, meta, koan, or any silent practice), and join others as we focus our intention on a specific topic each week. Questions? Email Jackie at [email protected].

Movies And Meaning
…The weekend of February 21—23 at DWT
The Jubilee! Nurture Program is so proud to be partnering with Movies and Meaning this year! They’re offering a weekend full of storytelling, films, and community-building, Feb. 21-23, at Diana Wortham Theater. Visit moviesandmeaning.com for the full schedule of speakers and events!

In Your 20’s – 40’s?  Want More Jubilee! Connections?
…Sunday, February 23rd, 9 am to 1 pm
If so, come hang out with The Next Generation Team! The Next Generation is for people in their 20’s-40’s who want to make new friends, have some fun, and deepen your connection with the Jubilee! community. Come join us on February 23rd for “Coffee and Con-nection” right across the street at Trade and Lore. We’ll be there right after both services so stop by. Questions? Email Jackie O’Neil at [email protected]

Ash Wednesday Service
…Wednesday, February 23rd, 7—8:30 am
You are invited to stop by Jubilee! to meditate, reflect and receive the mark of the cross from ashes if you so desire on the morning of the 23rd.  Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, the 40 days before Easter Sunday.  This “come & go” service will be led by Jubilant Minister, Jay Joslin.

NEW! Jubilee Women’s Group Forming
...First gathering on Monday, February 24th @ 7 pm
If you’ve wanted to connect with the other like-minded women of Jubilee!, this is your chance! We’ll be connecting to explore our power as women, how we show up in the world in relationship, and give and receive support to each other.  Join us.  Sponsored by the Spiritual Journeys Team, facilitated by Pamela Bruner.

Get on the Path to Membership…Thursday, February 27th, 6 – 8 pm at Jubilee!
Learn more about this amazing community and get on the path to membership. Join us for Pathways. You will learn about the history, values and culture of Jubilee!  You will hear about ways to get more involved and what it takes to be a member. Bring an appetizer to share. Participation is limited to 20 folks. Sign up at the Welcome table on Sundays.

JUBILEE SHARES $35,300 IN THE 4th Quarter OF 2019. OVERALL – $77,050
Paul Muller, Chair of the Jubilee! Outreach Team, reported that, thanks to the generosity of many Jubilants, we were able to share significant dollars with agencies that support people in need. The money that was placed in our baskets on the Communion Table totaled $16,100 in the 4th quarter. The dollars raised by our “Talent Project to Keep Folks Warm” totaled $19,200. And, these numbers do not include the approximately $7,500 dollars that were spent on Christmas gifts for Children in Foster Care in Buncombe county. When you combine all our 2019 outreach efforts from quarters 1—4, the total comes to $77,050! Thank you. You are a generous Community!