Upcoming Events 9.18.15

The NEW Jubilee! Website Launches September 27th!  The new website is an interactive, colorful, easy-to-use site with great information about Jubilee!, Jubilants and ways to stay engaged with the community. There is a calendar of events, free recordings of celebrations, on-line contribution and much, much more.  Soon it will include a password protected Jubilee Directory. […]


It’s as if the thing were written in the constitution of the age: Sooner or later you’ll wind up pacing the cage. – Bruce Cockburn, “Pacing the Cage”                 “Insanity,” said Albert Einstein or Gertrude Stein or maybe Albert’s cousin, Zweistein – who knows? – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting […]

Give, Take, Learn by H. Joyell Smith

Mark and Peter seemed like nice guys. Nice homeless guys, like many others who are talented and smart, but have fallen on hard times. I met these men by the dock in Old Town Alexandria. Right next to the Torpedo factory—the one Peter worked at for 30 years. It was a cool spring night when I passed […]