Upcoming Events: 12.24.15

Have You Ever Needed a Helping Hand? Had a surgery, a birth or death, a life-changing diagnosis, a challenge as you age, or simply the everyday demands of a culture without community?  Then you know the love and support of others is what matters. Announcing the Jubilee! Care and Compassion Team. Our mission is to foster […]

Vision: Christmas Poem, 2015 by Jubilant Mazie Warters

Set loose from the hands of God, stars scatter into the waiting night… Anonymous angels in glittering white, their unfurled wings moving in slow motion, fill the space where squint-eyed shepherds dazed by bright light hear their words… “Be not afraid… we bring good news… a child is born” and shepherds seeking the promise of […]

Upcoming Events: 12.10.15

Jubilee! Artists Network Gathering…Monday, December 14th at 7 pm The Jubilee Artists Network welcomes all artists, dancers, musicians, writers, etc. Our mission is to support each other, sharpen our artistic edge and share our gifts with the world.  If you’d like, bring something for the “Promotion Table,” or to present to the group. We meet […]

Vision: Revival on the Bald by Howard

“So why do you need religion to be baptized or married or buried?” My long-time buddy and I had just come up a strenuous trail – make that 45-minute strenuous – make that 45-minute-uphill-all-the-way strenuous – to a mountain bald which, according to the guidebook offered a “spectacular view.” “Can we hold on the religio […]

THE MAIN THING: Celebrating Creation and Spirituality at Jubilee!

THE MAIN THING: Celebrating Creation and Spirituality at Jubilee! is a book from the cast of characters who helped create Jubilee!, a non-demonational community celebration in Asheville, NC. The book delightfully shares the rituals of Jubilee! where song, dance, and reverence of the Divine Mystery are celebrated with love and gratitude — the main thing. The […]