Vision: Wussies & Wimps by Howard Hanger

“I like everything about camping,” he said, “except camping.” My friend and I were hiking to what the guidebook described as a “spectacular, yet little-known waterfall.” Both the “spectacular” and “little-known” descriptions had special appeal to each of us. Skinny-dipping is a whole lot more fun without other people – like family groups and scout […]

Vision: Upcoming Events, 08.19.16

Jubilee! Attention Deficit Story Jam—Postponed It has come to our attention that the Jam conflicts with the fundraiser for Kat Williams.  To honor both her healing journey and your amazing stories, we are rescheduling this event for September, exact date will be announced soon.  As a result, the anticipation and participation has an opportunity to […]

Vision: Horns, Flutes & Waterfalls by Howard Hanger

“When I was a kid,” she said as she huffed and wheezed up the trail, “I remember some preacher saying that according to the Greeks, there were three kinds of love. One was Eros – I remember that one. Another was Philia, like from Philadelphia; but I can’t remember the other one.” “Agape,” her boyfriend […]

Vision: Upcoming Events, 08.05.2016

Developing Our Divine Powers …Four Consecutive Tuesday Nights Starting August 9th at 7 pm As a child of God you possess many powers and abilities.   Divine Self Sufficiency, love in expression, is the source of all our spiritual gifts.  Divine Self Sufficiency insures that each of us has everything we need to evolve, to express, […]