Vision: A.H.S.C.K.NY.E. – Do You Believe in Magic? by Howard Hanger

Advent.Hanukah.Solstice.Christmas.Kwanza.New Year.Epiphany. As far as we know, humans have always been big on magic and miracles.  Always big on believing that more is possible than what we were taught and what we have experienced.  More than we logically assume.  We humans have consistently at least wanted to believe that sometimes things happen which are outside […]

Vision: Upcoming Events: 11.25.2016

Turn $5,000 into $10,000! As some Jubilants are aware, 2016 has not been our best year financially speaking. Cancelled Celebrations last winter due to weather and, probably, the uncertainty caused by the election have impacted our contributions.  And so, at the end of October we were 6% below our budget which means that we have […]

Vision: Treasures & Trash by Howard Hanger

Dear Jubilant, Our theme for this quarter – Via Negativa (everybody’s favorite) – is “Treasure & Trash.” With the election, ‘tis indeed a Negativa time for many of us. A dark and hopeless time.  But I would prefer to see this, rather, as an enormously challenging time… a time in our lives and in the […]

Upcoming Events: 11.11.2016

Sunday, November 20th is Thanksgiving & Commitment Sunday Bring your Thankful Spirit and your Commitment Card indicating your desire to support the ministries of Jubilee! Community in 2017.  Commitment Cards will be mailed to Jubilants the week prior to the 20th, but if you do not receive your card in the mail, no problem!  We […]