Vision: The Art of Forgetfulness by Howard Hanger

Mindfulness? I don’t think so. Not all the time. Sometimes, my mind feels like a bloated whale. Every now and then, I need a shot of some straight-up mindlessness. —Amanda Jane “I’m sick and tired of you calling me, ‘Beautiful,’” she barked on the phone. “Every time you see me, over and over, that’s all […]

Upcoming Events: 02.17.2017

Tapping into the Buddha Mind to Find Peace in Today’s Insane World …Wednesday February 22nd at 7 pm in the Garden Room We are moving through times that seem insane and many of us are experiencing thoughts and feelings of fear, doubt, confusion, helplessness and anger as we contemplate the future of our country. Finding […]

Feb.-March Nurture Newsletter

Click here for the Feb./March 2017 Nurture Newsletter. Also available in hard copy upstairs and downstairs at Jubilee!

Vision: Silliness Is Next to Godliness by Howard Hanger

A sense of humor is superior to any religion so far devised. – Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume “My name is Howard, and I am addicted to FaceBook.” “Hi, Howard.”   The thing of it is, I’m OK with my addiction. I have no intention of quitting at all. I’m still hooked. And happy about it. […]

Upcoming Events: 02.03.2017

HeartWise Together…Sunday, February 12th, 11-11:40 am (right after Nurture classes) Join us for singing, dancing, and fun, downstairs! Kids age 3—6 years old, along with parents, grandparents, friends, and anyone else with a 3—6-year-old heart are welcome! The event will be led by Melinda Toney, M.D. and sponsored by the Nurture Program. Questions? Contact Vicki at vickig@jubilee […]