Vision: Christmas Poem, 2017 by Jubilant Mazie Warters

Stray stars heavy with light Dance across night’s broad shoulders And settle into place one by one. Angels, those ancient winged navigators Halos polished to a golden shimmer— Begin their proclamation, “BE NOT AFRAID—for unto you is born This night—a child—a savior.” And shepherds startled but reverent Who have waited thousands of nights Beneath a […]

Upcoming Events: 12.22.2017

Have You Made Your Pledge of Financial Support? …No pledge is too small! We have come a long way with our pledge campaign, but we are not there yet.  We are currently at 82% of our goal, but we cannot make it to the finish line without the participation of all Jubilants.  No pledge is […]

Vision: Ripples by Howard Hanger

If something doesn’t get you by surprise, catch your breath and drop your jaw at least once a day, you’re either not paying attention of you’re way too busy. How long has it been since you sat by a river with no agenda?  Not waiting for anything to happen – no sense of urgency or […]

Upcoming Events: 12.08.2017

Have You Pledged? Your Support Is Needed Now More than Ever! If you are among the more than 175 folks who have completed your Commitment card, THANKS! If not, we hope you will complete one this Sunday indicating your desire to support the ministries of Jubilee! Community in 2018. In this season of giving thanks, […]