Vision: Beauty by Chris Andrews

Several years ago I took time out to walk a significant amount of the Appalachian Trail. It was an interesting experience in many ways. Somewhere along the way, where the Trail crosses from Tennessee into North Carolina, there is a high mountain with 360 degree views that the trail map designates as “Beauty Spot.” And […]

Upcoming Events: 03.16.2018

Nominations for the Jubilee! Board Now Open The Jubilee! Nominating Committee is looking for persons who would be interested in serving a three year term of office on the Board of Directors.  To be considered, a person must have completed the Pathways to Membership program and be an active supporter of Jubilee! for a minimum […]

Jubilants, You’ve Got a Special Thing Going by Justin Martin

When I was a student in ministry at Warren Wilson College attending Jubilee!, it was (and still is) the most compelling and spiritual religious experience I had ever been a part of. I felt called to recreate those celebrations of life in my own life’s work. But, and you must know this as Jubilants, you’ve […]

Upcoming Events: 03.02.2108

Friends …An exploration of friendship through movement, story & performance Stand and Deliver facilitated by Jubilant Barrie Barton and sponsored by the Jubilee! Arts Team presents…A 9-Week Workshop and Performance to bring out the stories within you and transform them into a work of art. The experience–both the 9-week workshop and culminating performance–will enrich your life, […]