Vision: Sailing Takes Me Away… by Howard Hanger

You can meditate at the Taj Mahal, pray at Machu Picchu, roll your rosaries at the Vatican, yabber in your yarmulke in Jerusalem, shave your head in Nepal or squeeze a snake in the mountains of North Carolina; but in my humble opinion, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more satisfyingly sacred act than […]

Upcoming Events: 09.28.2018

Do You Have a Favorite Jubilee! Moment, Memory or Story? …Come share that story and help create new ones on Sunday, October 7th at 7 pm at Jubilee! Something that made you laugh, cry, or feel a little better?  Or something in your life that stemmed from or was inspired by Jubilee!?  Would you like […]

Vision: Via Negativa – Living on the Edge by Howard Hanger

“If you’re not living on the edge,” goes the T-Shirt wisdom, “you’re taking up too much room.” But then again, people living on the edge can get pretty edgy. Some might be a bit rough around the edges and others have a slight edge on everyone else, which can put everyone on edge. For some, […]

Upcoming Events: 09.14.2018

“Sorrow Carves the Canyons that Hold Your Joy!”  …Sunday, September 23rd, 6—10 pm In some cultures, grieving helps us become fully alive. We can grieve our own losses (loved ones, childhoods, dreams), the losses of our family and ancestors, for the collective and for the earth. If you have ANYTHING to grieve, the loss of […]

Social Justice – Opportunities to Act 9.2.18

On this Labor Day weekend, and in honor of all those who work and so many who barely scrape by, we offer an abbreviated Update. There is much to do with social justice, but it is also important to rest, share time with family and friends, and remember what Labor Day is all about. We’ll be back […]