Vision: Christmas Poem, 2018 by Jubilant Mazie Warters

Night fills with the miracle of stars One star brighter than the rest shines without modesty among angels busy rapping, “O BE NOT …BE NOT…BE NOT AFRAID…” And hearing this shepherds kneeling in parched winter grass clinging to a faith gone stale like prayers saved but not believed, awaken to the possibility of dreams reborn. […]

Upcoming Events: 12.21.2018

Christmas Eve Candlelight Services at 5 & 10 pm …Childcare available at the 5 pm Celebration As always, two Candlelight Communion Celebrations will be offered on Christmas Eve, the first at 5 pm and the second at 10 pm. Childcare will be available at the 5 pm service, starting at 4:30 pm for children “walking […]

Vision: I’ll Have Some Faith with a Side of Doubt by Howard Hanger

Doubt is not the opposite of faith.  Doubt is faith’s quality control.  Doubt keeps faith from getting smeared with superstitious smegma, cluttered with kooky claptrap or wasted with wildly-weird woo-woo. Doubt is not the opposite of faith. Doubt is faith’s sidekick. Doubt knows that faith can lead you down some pretty dark and thorny paths… […]

Upcoming Events: 12.07.2018

Have You Pledged Your Support? …Your Commitment Is Needed Now More than Ever! If you are among the more than 100 folks who have completed your Commitment card, THANKS!  If not, we hope you will complete one this Sunday indicating your desire to support the ministries of Jubilee! Community in 2019.  Cards are available at […]