Dear Jubilants, The Board of Directors wants to give you an “Intermission Report” during our three-week break before we have our final two visits from Justin Martin and Amy Steinberg.  It is important to us that you know how we will wrap up the search and make a final decision. We have received 120-180 surveys […]

Upcoming Events: 04.26.2019

New Way to Distribute our Outreach Gifts The Jubilee! Board and Outreach Team want to update you on how the money you put in the baskets on the Alter on Sunday mornings will go to help people this year. All the money you place in these two baskets during the opening hymn is given away […]

Vision: Beyond Your Wildest Dreams by Howard Hanger

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet B-b-b-baby, You just ain’t seen nothin’ yet Here’s something that you never gonna forget B-b-b-baby, You just ain’t seen nothin’ yet So what is it with this whole big Easter story? Up to its eyeballs in religion. It’s bloody and it’s gory. Just a few small books record it at […]

Upcoming Events: 04.12.2019

April 15th Coming SOON! Do you need a printed charitable contribution statement? With the changes in the tax laws for 2019, we realize that most folks will be taking the standard deduction rather than itemizing deductions.  With that in mind, we are trying a different approach to our Charitable Contribution statements.  For folks needing a […]