Vision: You Don’t Get Letters from These Folks Every Day

Dear Howard: A Very Special Greeting to my Brother in Asheville on this special moment of your Retirement (re-firement and re-wirement) from active duty at Jubilee!. What a wonderful journey it has been, Howard, for you and for the thousands upon thousands of people you and your very alive community have reached not only in […]

o8.30.2019: Events & News

Labor Day Is NOT just for Mattress Sales! September 1st marks the 10th year that our State and Nation have kept it legal to pay workers as low as $7.25 an hour (or just over $15,000 a year – if they work 40 hours a week with no vacation. On Labor Day Sunday, September 1st, […]

Vision: Thank You Howard by Jubilant Bruce Mulkey

Spiritual but not religious, a description of a lot of folks from Asheville and surrounding environs, including my wife Shonnie and me. So when we arrived in Asheville in 1997, seeking a church to attend was not high on our list of priorities. In fact, it wasn’t on our list at all. But after several […]

08.16.2019: Events & News

What a Sendoff! …Four Events. Four “Sold Out” Crowds The events of the weekend of August 10 and 11 almost defy adjectives.  Below are selected comments from a few of those participating… Thank you everyone for a fantastic evening. I know Dad really enjoyed himself. – Windsor Hanger Western I can’t thank everyone enough for […]