Next steps in Leadership

Jubilee! Community Update From your Board of Directors April 24, 2020 Hello fellow Jubilants! This week we are beginning our efforts at collecting input from the community regarding the future of Jubilee!. At the close of this message, you will find a link to a form that you can fill out to share your feedback […]

Passing the Baton

1) FROM THE JUBILEE BOARD TO DON ON HIS RETIREMENT 2) LETTER FROM DON REGARDING RETIREMENT ****** 1) LETTER FROM BOARD When Howard retired, it was with great fanfare and recognition, as was befitting this beloved leader of our community.  Yet, for the past 30 years, Howard has had a quiet, yet vital counterpart behind […]

Social Justice Interfaith Newsletter

What Will Happen in the Short Session? It is unclear what the NC House and Senate leadership plan to include in this short session. Of course, it is expected they will make some efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic impact on the state. The NC Justice Centers offers its views here specific to how the […]