Vision: Sailing…Just a Dream and a Wind to Carry Me by Howard Hanger

When it comes to romance, some things are very clear: Moon glow is better than sunshine Smell of campfire beats smell of disinfectant Cashmere sweaters edge out polyester anything Walking through woods tops walking through Walmart Romantic comedies trump documentaries Paris beats Frankfurt San Francisco whoops Des Moines Candlelight trumps incandescent Willy Nelson, yes.  John […]

Upcoming Events: 07.20.2018

Who Are the New Jubilee! Board Members? …Welcome Bill, Catherine, Pam, Molly! Four Jubilants began their three-year term on the Jubilee! Board of Directors on July 1st.  They are Bill Byrne, Catherine Cope, Pam Garrett and Molly Pritchard.  During the months of July and August we will be introducing each to you.  They bring a […]

Vision: Holy Sacrament for a Dead Dachshund by Howard Hanger

“Go to any archaeological site anywhere in the world,” quoth Dr. Margaret Mead in a class I had (long ago) somehow gotten myself into at Emory University. “Go to any archaeological site anywhere in the world and one of the first things you find are sacred artifacts.  From that evidence,” she taught, “we can deduce […]

Upcoming Events: 07.06.2018

LET’S WALK!  Monday, July 9th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm …Meet at New Belgium Brewing The Next Generation Team (for Jubilants in the 20’s-40’s age range) is walking the Greenway by the river and socializing over food and drinks after, at either Homegrown or New Belgium. Plan to gather at New Belgium located at 21 […]

Bios of our Disorderly Ordinates

Daniel Barber – Minister of Music & Ritual Throughout his life, Daniel Barber has been relentlessly engaged in creating ways to make the world a better place.  B.J. (before Jubilee!), Daniel was a social worker, social scientist, video producer and political activist.  Since 2001, he has performed with or led numerous musical and theatrical groups (including the […]

Vision: Via Positiva: Yes, In Deed by Howard Hanger

Well done is better than well said. – Benjamin Franklin One of the most important lessons I have ever learned about being a minister – actually about living a life – came early on. I didn’t learn it from seminary or any book. It didn’t come from a lecture or workshop or counselor. I was […]

Upcoming Events” 06.22.2018

Body Image/Body Wisdom Series for Women with Jackie Dobrinska …Six Tuesdays, starting July 10th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm Change the way you see, not the way you look.  Imagine if we as women took just SOME of the time, money and energy we spend on obsessing over and changing our bodies and appearance, and instead […]

Vision: Disorderly Ordinands & Ordinals

By law, JUBILEE! is a church. By name, we’re a community. Traditionally, churches promote religion. JUBILEE! promotes life. Religion is organized. JUBILEE! is, well… Religions are institutional.  At JUBILEE!, a few of  us should be institutionalized. “Early religions” writes the Reverend Tom Robbins, “were like muddy ponds with lots of foliage. Concealed there, the fish […]

Upcoming Events: 05.25.2018

The Few, the Proud …the Jubilee! Cleaning Team Twice a year, a small group of dedicated Jubilants gather to work their magic! On Saturday, May 12th, if you were a fly on the wall you might have seen Kathy Busse wiping out the refrigerators in our kitchen while her husband, John, washed the windows on […]