Upcoming Events: 03.15.2019

Seeds Available The Seeds for Celebration for the Spring Quarter, the Via Transformativa, are now available, both in print format in the Hospitality Room or on line at the Jubilee! website. The theme is “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!” And, if you have a gift of music, dance, poetry or story, email Howard at [email protected] […]

Vision: Say What? By Howard Hanger

There are many things that shouldn’t be said. I usually realize what they are as soon as I say them. “Maybe next time” is perhaps not the best way to RSVP a wedding invitation. Or, “Hope the cake is gluten free” is not so good a Birthday Party invite.  Have you ever been talking to, […]

Upcoming Events: 03.01.2019

Seeds Available The Seeds for Celebration for the Spring Quarter, the Via Transformativa, are now available. The theme is “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!” Hosting Room in the Inn set for March 17—24 Sign up to assist with Room in the Inn on Sundays, March 3 or 10 in  the Hospitality Room. Or email Carol […]

Vision: Clean Up Yo’ Act by Howard Hanger

Most of the months of the year were named for Roman gods and goddesses.  Mars – March, Aphrodite – April, Maia – May… and so on, at least up until September. Then, someone was either lazy or atheist, because the last few were named for Latin numbers September – Sep – 7, October – Oct […]

Upcoming Events: 02.15.2019

A New Book …Mondays at 1:30 pm in the Hospitality Room The Jubilee! Book Discussion Group is starting a new book on Monday, February 18th and you are invited to join in the conversation.  The book is The Road to Character by David Brooks. No need to sign up…just show up! Every one is welcomed.  […]

Vision: Not So Frigid Brighid by Howard Hanger

Brigid was a Celtic goddess. Brigid was a 5th century Christian Saint. Some say one is mythical and the other, historical. Some say one is imaginary, the other legendary. Some say neither one existed. Some say, “Who cares!  Let’s have another Guinness.” One thing is sure: Stories of Brigid abound. In the stories, Brigid (also […]

Upcoming Events: 2.1.2019

A Letter from the Transition Team to the Jubilee! Community The members of the Transition Team are eager to share with you where we are in the process of helping the Board of Directors find a new Minister of Ritual & Celebration. Friday, January 11th, was the deadline for receiving applications, and we are both […]

Vision: Where There’s a Tao There’s a Way by Howard Hanger

This quarter at The Jube, as part of our celebrations, we will read ancient words from the Tao Te Ching rather than the Hebrew/Christian scriptures. Every Sunday, when Howard says, “Hear these ancient words” and you hear a finger cymbal “ding” from the band, you will hear a chapter from the Tao Te Ching. And […]

Upcoming Events: 01.18.2019

Caring for Our Planet Is Happening Again at Jubilee!  New LED lighting installed! One of Jubilee!’s many attributes is working as a community, both among Jubilants and outside Jubilee! in the greater community. The staff and the Earth Team has worked with Duke Energy, Lime Energy, Creation Care Alliance and the Community Foundation on a […]