Vision: Evolution…GK-PID & Jesus by Howard Hanger

First: A little molecular biology. Don’t worry; it won’t last long. Life on earth at its start was pretty boring. Miraculous, yes, but in a wearisome kind of way. Everything was single-celled organisms. And all these single-celled bad boys did was live and die and produce more single-celled organisms. Family reunions back then had to […]

Upcoming News & Events: 06.21.2019

Ending…At Least for the Summer Sunday, June 2nd was the last 8:30 am Celebration & Communion for the summer, that is for the months of July, August and September.  A decision about the return or “reinvention” of the service will be made in the fall when Amy assumes her responsibilities as our Minister of Ritual […]

Vision: To All Jubilants…A New Minister Is Selected

It has been a very full year since Howard Hanger announced on May 13, 2018, that he would be retiring this coming August.  The transition began immediately, and it has been a deeply thoughtful and thorough process from start to finish.  And now, the Board of Directors of Jubilee! is thrilled to announce that Amy […]

Upcoming Events: 05.24.2019

We Are Still Collecting Reading Glasses for Haiti Even though the medical mission trip to Haiti could not happen in March due to the civil unrest, we are still collecting NEW reading glasses for Jubilant Terry Deal to distribute when the trip is rescheduled. All strengths can be used, but stronger is better! Please place […]

Vision: In Gratitude by A Grateful Jubilant

Several months from now, as we are joyfully celebrating Howard’s long-serving visionary leadership and openly and warmly welcoming our new Minister of Ritual and Celebration, how will we look back upon the time our community is going through now? As we look back from that viewpoint, I think many Jubilants will be agreeing that our […]

Upcoming Events: 05.10.2019

Save the Flowers …Friday, May 10th, from 10 am to 2 pm Costa Farms tosses thousands of flowers that can’t be sold to stores. So…save the flowers!  Bring them to your home to beautify your yards and gardens.  Costa Farms is located at 1468 Bear Creek Road in Leicester.  All funds raised by this sale […]


Dear Jubilants, The Board of Directors wants to give you an “Intermission Report” during our three-week break before we have our final two visits from Justin Martin and Amy Steinberg.  It is important to us that you know how we will wrap up the search and make a final decision. We have received 120-180 surveys […]

Upcoming Events: 04.26.2019

New Way to Distribute our Outreach Gifts The Jubilee! Board and Outreach Team want to update you on how the money you put in the baskets on the Alter on Sunday mornings will go to help people this year. All the money you place in these two baskets during the opening hymn is given away […]

Vision: Beyond Your Wildest Dreams by Howard Hanger

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet B-b-b-baby, You just ain’t seen nothin’ yet Here’s something that you never gonna forget B-b-b-baby, You just ain’t seen nothin’ yet So what is it with this whole big Easter story? Up to its eyeballs in religion. It’s bloody and it’s gory. Just a few small books record it at […]