First Online Celebration Recordings and more

March 16, 2020 |

Thank you to everyone who joined the very first Jubilee! online celebration on Sunday. And thank you to the Jubilee! community for your patience as I figure out all of the technology, including some of the glitches from yesterday.

Sunday’s online celebration was a heartfelt showing of many members of our board, our Jubilee! ministers (including Alba Onofrio, Yona Frenchawk, Jay Joslin, Cathryn Davis, Daniel Barber and others), and almost 300 community members, with a large portion of you sending prayers of beauty, peace, blessings, and desires for healing.

Since, many of you were not able to join the celebration for a variety of reasons – access, timing, technical issues, etc — I am sending the recordings below. I have decided, for now, to not post it to Facebook simply because the material feels like it wants to be held in more of a sacred container. I invite you to honor this in your own way as well.

In case you missed it, you can view here:

1) The Whole Celebration (Note: the speaking part starts after 7 min, and the last 10 minutes of the recording is our prayer time together. Total: 55 min)

2) The Board’s Message (7 min. The transcripts (click here and scroll to the bottom) include one or two extra pieces said during the celebration  but not in this stand-alone recording.)

3) A recording of both of Howard’s Message regarding the board’s decision (30 sec) and his Message to the Jubilee Community (4 minutes, talking starts after 1 min. Transcripts (Click here and scroll to the bottom)

Some other things to note: most events, especially larger events, at Jubilee! are canceled over the next few weeks, including the Andrew Harvey event this weekend. Check our website for details.

Also note, we will be hosting another online celebration this Sunday at 9:45.  Here is the Zoom Webinar link. I will send out reminders.

Thank you for all of your heart, love, and passion during this time.  And for being a part of this great experiment we call Jubilee! Community.

So many blessings!

Jackie Dobrinska
Minister of Community Life

P.S. Since we are not touching each other in the coming weeks due to social distancing, I included a picture (above) so we can remember what it’s like.