The Jubilee! staff and ministers serve us in many ways, persistently working behind the scenes to assure that celebrations and other events go as planned. Below is a brief description of some responsibilities of our staff members and ministers.

To contact staff, simply call Jubilee! at (828) 252-5335. If you get voice mail, please leave your name and number in the appropriate voice mailbox.


Founder & Minister Emeritus: Howard Hanger

  • A graduate of the Candler School of Theology at Emory University, Howard also formed his own band, which toured nationally.
  • Relocated from Detroit to Asheville, and joined the staff of Central United Methodist Church in Asheville, where he formed a nondenominational worship service that he called “experimental ministry,” thus planting the first seeds for what was to become Jubilee! Community in 1984.
  • Attendance grew rapidly, prompting Howard to leave the Methodist church and form an independent Jubilee! Community in 1989.
  • Also founded the Hanger Hall for Girls middle school in Asheville.
  • Retired in August 2019 but officiates (by request) at baptisms, marriages and other ceremonies – and is often seen (in plainclothes) at Jubilee! celebrations.
  • Has a “thing” about bananas.

Minister of Transition: Laura Collins

  • Provide ecstatic expression and leadership for the Jubilee! celebrations
  • Prayer, meditation and music guide
  • Teaches classes and leads workshops
  • Connects with Jubilants in crisis or hospital situation
  • Shares the Jubilee! vision
  • Engages with the other leaders in the community to create forward motion of the Jubilee! Main Thing!

Administrator of Community Life: Patrick Fitzsimmons (Voice Mailbox 1#)

  • Supports and directs the Operations Team, working closely with volunteers in the financial, office management, facilities/equipment areas.
  • Responsible for Jubilee! publications, such as Vision , bulletins, brochures, etc.
  • Handles the scheduling and use of the Jubilee! building & resources
  • Provides support for the Jubilee! Board and its Task Groups and the Outreach Team.
  • Supervises the Nurture Coordinator, the Community Life Coordinator, and staff.

Minister of Education: Vicki Garlock (Voice Mailbox 2#)

  • Jubilee! Minister of Education
  • Develops an age-appropriate Creation Spirituality curriculum that meets the mission of Jubilee! Nurture Program
  • Supervises all nurture staff and the Nursery Coordinator, providing support and guidance as needed
  • Develops methods for connecting with parents on a regular basis through newsletters, e-mails, bulletin boards, and meetings
  • Coordinates regular volunteer opportunities for the children enrolled in the nurture program
  • Ensures that classrooms are safe, clean, and stocked with snacks and educational supplies
  • Click here for more on Vicki Garlock and the Nurture Coordinator position.

Minister of Community Life: Jackie Dobrinska  (Voice Mailbox 3#)

  • Jubilee! Minister of Community Life
  • Develops and implements creative ways to connect Jubilants with their gifts, with the needs of our ever-expanding, in-house, local and global community and with one another
  • Serves as a visible and accessible “connector” for our Community
  • Coordinates inter-team activities while fostering cooperation between teams
  • Officiates at marriages, baptisms and funerals as requested
  • Schedules events by & for the community

Minister of Music: Daniel Barber


  • Jubilee! Minister of Music
  • Provides leadership and direction for the World Beat Band
  • Provides music for our celebrations and musical accompaniment for Jubilee! Singers
  • Coordinates with the Minister of Ritual musical selections for our celebrations

Coordinator of the Jubilee! Singers: Theresa Sandoval

  • Provides musical leadership and support of the Jubilee! Singers Team
  • Assists in developing special musical performances
  • Coordinates with the Minister of Ritual musical selections for our celebrations
  • Works with the leadership of the Team to develop outreach into the larger community

Minister of Ritual, Teaching & Counseling: Jay Joslin


  •  Jubilee! Minister of Ritual, Teaching & Counseling,
  • His charge is to Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing!
  • When needed Jay leads services performs any aspect of Ministry beyond the walls, wherever called.
  • Supporting this Community and his wily mentor Howard is his deepest joy.

Our Other Jubilee! Ministers

  • Rev. Candace Chellew, Leader of celebration and ritual, musician, songwriter and author of Bulletproof Faith: A Spiritual Survival Guide for Gay and Lesbian Christians (2008, Jossey-Bass).
  • Graduate of the Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.
  • Leads workshops on writing, spirituality and metaphysical topics such as A Course in Miracles
  • Active in the fight for LGBTQ rights and other progressive causes.
  • Founder and editor emeritus of Whosoever: An Online Magazine for LGBT Christians, which began in 1996 and is back online with new leadership and vision.
  • Former journalist with 30 years of experience, including a six-year stint at CNN.
  • Enjoys time with her dogs, Pax and The Lord (The Lord is a German Shepherd, so yes, “The Lord is my shepherd.”) and her three cats, George, Salix and Rumi.
  • Rev. Chris Andrews,
  • Leader of Jubilee Community in Baton Rouge, LA. We call our group here “ Jubilee Pioneers ” because we want to blaze trails of love and compassion in the thickets of alienation, fear and anger. Jesus is called the “Pioneer” in the Book of Hebrews. And, America has a great heritage in the pioneers who went into the wilderness and blazed trails to make it possible for others to follow.
  • Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge (RTBR), a non-profit with the mission of helping elderly homeowners remain in their homes and age in place. RTBR addresses safety, access, and efficiency issues that impact the quality of life of the homeowner.
  • Community activist
Yona Frenchhawk, Minister of Native American Ritual

  • Full Blooded member of The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Born and raised in Cherokee, NC. Great Great Grandson of YonaGuska – Cherokee Chief during The Trail of Tears (1824 – 1839 )
  • Spiritual Advisor, Pastoral Care, Weddings, Birthing Ceremonies, Native American Sweat Lodge, Memorials, Funerals, Land/Home Blessings. Motivational Speaking, Team Building, Climate Justice Awareness.
  • Inviting Ancestoral Presence to our Jubilee! Celebrations.
  • Developing Cross Cultural Classes by teaching of the Respect, Love, and Honor, of Turtle Island, Mother Naturen & Her Inhabitants. Sweat Lodge Ceremony, Educational Walks/Tours downtown of the Native American presence pre-Asheville. Beading, Drum Making, Storytelling, Seasonal Rituals and Ceremony.

Justin Martin, Minister of Ritual



Rev. Alba Onofrio, Evangelist

  • A Queer Evangelical Femme who lives and loves in la Lucha with QTPOC folks as a Spiritual Healer and Bruja Troublemaker to combat spiritual terrorism, reclaim the Divine, and eradicate shame and fear wherever they are found.
  • The Spiritual Strategist for Soulforce and a Co-founder of the Sexual Liberation Collective, Reverend Sex works with individuals and small groups to decode white Christian Supremacy, heal internalized religious-based trauma, rebuild our ethics, and reclaim our sacred desires and spiritual practices. 
Cathryn Davis, Minister of Movement

  • Based in Charleston, SC
  • Leads guided movement and dance as a living embodiment of prayer
  • Co-founder of The Joyful Revolution, an effort to highlight people, planet and pleasure with singing, dancing, parading and connecting for justice
  • Celebrant for weddings, funerals and sacred rituals