The Jubilee! staff serves us in many ways, persistently working behind the scenes to assure that celebrations and other events go as planned. Below is a brief description of some responsibilities of our staff members.

To contact staff, simply call Jubilee! at (828) 252-5335. If you get voice mail, please leave your name and number in the appropriate voice mailbox.

Staff may also be contacted via e-mail at [email protected]. All staff positions are part-time ranging from 5 to 30 hours per week.


Founder & Minister Emeritus: Howard Hanger

  • A graduate of the Candler School of Theology at Emory University, Howard also formed his own band, which toured nationally.
  • Relocated from Detroit to Asheville, and joined the staff of Central United Methodist Church in Asheville, where he formed a nondenominational worship service that he called “experimental ministry,” thus planting the first seeds for what was to become Jubilee! Community in 1984.
  • Attendance grew rapidly, prompting Howard to leave the Methodist church and form an independent Jubilee! Community in 1989.
  • Also founded the Hanger Hall for Girls middle school in Asheville.
  • Retired in August 2019 but officiates (by request) at baptisms, marriages and other ceremonies – and is often seen (in plainclothes) at Jubilee! celebrations.
  • Has a “thing” about bananas.

Minister of Ritual and Celebration: Amy Steinberg (Voice Mailbox 1#)

  • Provides ecstatic expression and leadership for the Jubilee! celebrations
  • Prayer, meditation and music guide
  • Officiates at marriages, baptisms and funerals as requested
  • Teaches classes and leads workshops
  • Connects with Jubilants in crisis or hospital situation
  • Shares the Jubilee! vision
  • Engages with the other leaders in the community to create forward motion of the Jubilee! Main Thing!

Administrator of Community Life: Don Fortuna (Voice Mailbox 1#)

  • Supports and directs the Operations Team, working closely with volunteers in the financial, office management, facilities/equipment areas.
  • Responsible for Jubilee! publications, such as Vision , bulletins, brochures, etc.
  • Handles the scheduling and use of the Jubilee! building & resources
  • Provides support for the Jubilee! Board and its Task Groups and the Outreach Team.
  • Supervises the Nurture Coordinator, the Community Life Coordinator, and staff.

Nurture Coordinator: Vicki Garlock (Voice Mailbox 2#)

  • Jubilee! Minister of Education
  • Develops an age-appropriate Creation Spirituality curriculum that meets the mission of Jubilee! Nurture Program
  • Supervises all nurture staff and the Nursery Coordinator, providing support and guidance as needed
  • Develops methods for connecting with parents on a regular basis through newsletters, e-mails, bulletin boards, and meetings
  • Coordinates regular volunteer opportunities for the children enrolled in the nurture program
  • Ensures that classrooms are safe, clean, and stocked with snacks and educational supplies
  • Click here for more on Vicki Garlock and the Nurture Coordinator position.

Coordinator of Community Life: Jackie Dobrinska  (Voice Mailbox 3#)

  • Jubilee! Minister of Community Wellness
  • Develops and implements creative ways to connect Jubilants with their gifts, with the needs or our ever expanding, in-house, local and global community and with one another
  • Serves as a visible and accessible “connector” for our Community
  • Coordinates inter-team activities while fostering cooperation between teams

Coordinator of Instrumental Music: Daniel Barber


  • Jubilee! Minister of Music
  • Provides leadership and direction for the World Beat Band
  • Provides music for our celebrations and musical accompaniment for Jubilee! Singers
  • Coordinates with the Minister of Ritual musical selections for our celebrations

Coordinator of the Jubilee! Singers: Vacant

  • Provides musical leadership and support of the Jubilee! Singers Team
  • Assists in developing special musical performances
  • Coordinates with the Minister of Ritual musical selections for our celebrations
  • Works with the leadership of the Team to develop outreach into the larger community

Caretaker for Special Events: Jay Joslin


  •  Jubilee! Minister of Ritual, Teaching & Counseling,
  • His charge is to Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing!
  • When needed Jay leads services performs any aspect of Ministry beyond the walls, wherever called.
  • Supporting this Community and his wily mentor Howard is his deepest joy.

Our Other Jubilee! Ministers

  • Rev. Candace Chellew, associate pastor at Garden of Grace UCC in Columbia, SC, is now leading  Jubilee! Circle in Columbia.
  • Rev. Chris Andrews, pastor for 22 years of of the largest Methodist Church in Louisiana, leads Jubilee Pioneers in Baton Rouge.
  • Daniel Barber, Minister of Music & Ritual
  • Barbara Brady, Minister of Teaching
  • Jacquelyn Dobrinska, Minister of Community Wellness
  • Yona Frenchhawk, Minister of Native American Ritual
  • Vicki Garlock, Minister of Education
  • Jay Joslin, Minister of Ritual, Teaching and Counseling
  • Justin Martin, Minister of Ritual
  • Rev. Alba Onofrio, Evangelist
  • Cathryn Davis Zommer, Minister of Movement