Teams at Jubilee!

From our earliest beginning as a group, Jubilee! Community has been a participatory venture. It wasn’t long before members of the community were putting their heads together, suggesting ways in which Jubilee! could help others and creating teams of Jubilant’s to do so.

Commitment to a team

If you want to attend and/or host team meetings and socials, and help plan and carry out activities, your efforts will be welcomed and appreciated. Being this kind of “interactive team member” is a good way to jump in with both feet, share your gifts and develop close friendships with other Jubilant’s. Or you may choose to be a “task team member,” carrying out specific jobs on an as-needed basis. Though they may choose not to attend, this type of team member is still invited to all team functions. Any team member is welcome to step up or step down his/her level of involvement according to changing personal needs and preferences.

Teams are ideally mini-communities where close, nurturing friendships develop. While we ask that you make a year’s commitment when you join, there is always flexibility to go where your heart leads you if you want to change teams. The hope is that everyone will have the opportunity to find a “home base” of deeper friendships at Jubilee!, and team membership is one way for this to happen.

Want more information?

If you have any questions about the teams at Jubilee! call 252-5335, Voice Mail Box #3 or stop by the Welcome Table in the Entry Area on Sunday mornings.