Board of Directors


Meets the third Monday of each month at 5:45 pm for a meal and meeting.

The Jubilee! Board consists of Jubilant’s who are elected by our community for three-year terms.
The Board serves the Jubilee! community by:

  • holding the vision of the Jubilee! community and upholding its values,
  • listening to the wants and needs of the community as a whole,
  • reaching a consensus when there are differences about how we should proceed,
  • responding to the community’s wishes in a manner that is respectful and congruent with Jubilee’s values,
  • effectively communicating our decisions back to the community,
  • honoring this process, giving it the opportunity to work, enjoying our time together and treating one another with compassion and respect,
  • maintaining a connection with every Jubilee! team,
  • being fully accountable for all we do, including our fiscal responsibilities and
  • keeping the main thing the main thing.

Meet your Current Board!

Class of 2020

  • Paul Muller (Secretary)
  • Paul Howey
  • Claudia Sherry (Chair)
  • David Trout

Class of 2021





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