Care & Compassion Ministries


Name: Jackie Dobrinska
Email: [email protected]

This group provides a compassionate ear for people who need someone to talk to during moments of frustration and other times that can test us all. In times of grief and confusion, we all need someone to whom we can turn, someone who will listen and who will care. We all have within us the answers to the questions which trouble us and we have the wisdom to create our own best life. The Care & Compassion Ministries is there to help when those answers, that wisdom seem elusive.

The mission of the Compassion Ministry is to provide support to members of our community who are experiencing short- or long-term health problems, medical or other emergencies; who live in nursing homes or extended care facilities or who need bereavement support. The Compassion Ministry can assist with such needs as providing meals, basic housekeeping, child care, shopping and errands, transportation to and from doctors’ appointments, respite care and compassionate companionship. All Jubilant’s are invited to serve in this ministry by making themselves available in times of need.

Contact Jackie for requests for care and compassion or to serve in this ministry.  You can also sign up through Lots of Helping Hands.

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