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Name: Jerry Crouch
Email: [email protected]

JUBILEE PLAYERS ENCORE April production update!


Written & Directed by Jerry Crouch
with Music Direction by Daniel BarberProduced by CALYPSO Caribbean Restaurant
18 North Lexington Avenue, Downtown Asheville
Courtesy of Jubilant: Esther Francis Joseph

Please note: Auditions are being held at the end of March on a Monday and a Tuesday night – March 27 and 28 from starting at 6:30 pm.

In fairness to all – you must audition for this event UNLESS you receive a personal invitation from the Director or the Musical Director based on past Jubilee Sunday vocal or dance performances.

My plan is to make sure everyone in Jubilee Community is invited to participate in this celebration concert.

For those auditioning for singing role: bring the sheet music in the appropriate key in which you will sing your audition. You will sing probably 32 bars of music so pick the best part of the song to show off your voice. Daniel or another pianist will accompany you on the piano.

If you are going to dance for your audition, then bring a CD and a boom box to dance to OR bring sheet music for the accompanist to play as you dance your audition. For a dance audition – plan on only 3 minutes of dance to show off your abilities.

If you do not dance or sing …. don’t despair!
Poetry readings [original is even better] are welcomed as well as a memorized brief meditation. The Director will ultimately choose what readings or poetry is included in the show representing the triple focus of strength, inspiration and love topics for this concert celebration.

The dance, poetry and meditations will be blended in between Broadway songs which will consist of solos, duets and trios as well as choral numbers.

For those of you Jubilants who indicated you wanted to serve on the Jubilee! Players planning committee, I will be sending out a separate email for that meeting where we will lay out the rehearsal tasks and production event duties that will need to be addressed.

Within that committee there will be a marketing subcommittee to publicize the event along with a sales outreach committee to sell business card sized ads for addition revenue to replenish our coffers since Jubilee Players will be a self supporting team effort.

For further information, email me Director Jerry Crouch at [email protected]

Thanks in advance for sharing your time and talents with JUBILEE PLAYERS for this moving and inspirational concert celebration.

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