Latin Neighbors Team


Name: Marian Patten
Email: [email protected]
Name: Dani Barnard
Email: [email protected]

Share the joy of connecting with Latin immigrants in Buncombe County, many of whom have lived here 15 years and have children (US citizens) born here. Learn about family bonds made strong by parental sacrifices for the futures of their children, laugh about the commonality of experiences everywhere, share in culturally-based celebrations and connect through universal communication of humanity and humor. Build connection between Latin immigrants and Jubilants arranging work contacts and social gatherings. When language is limited, add smiles, expressive eyes, gestures, the Latino facility for teasing and Jubilants will believe, as if by magic, we speak a universal language.

Program methodology:

  • Eight week book discussion to introduce participating Jubilants to example of the extremely dangerous realities of undocumented immigration to the US.
  • Examine myths about the undocumented immigrant in Asheville/Buncombe County related to income tax payment, interactions between local law enforcement and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the immigrants’ economic impact on NC
  • Initiate direct contact between our Asheville/Buncombe County Latino neighbors and Jubilants through mutually beneficial connections.
  • Give families in our county a hand up making referrals for household and outdoor jobs in our local communities outside Jubilee.
  • Expand the connection, inviting all Jubilee families and participating Latino families to semi-annual parties with piñatas, mariachi bands, games, dancing.
  •  Cultural celebrations once or twice a year – cover dish meals, Mariachi band, piñatas, local immigrant dance troops, for example, Emma school children or local Salvadorian dance group,

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