Social Justice Team


Name: Vinit Allen
Email: [email protected]

Social Justice Mission

The Jubilee Social Justice team is being organized around the following:
1. We care about all in our community. We believe that justice is a right for all.

2. We help where we can. The world has always been a work in progress. We see the world with all its faults and have a duty to repair the world – through the protection of our environment, the care and education of our children, and the elimination of poverty and oppression.

3. We work with and within our community. As a team, we can be political but will not be partisan. We focus on issues and not candidates or labels. We emphasize the areas in which we can have the most impact. We ally ourselves with other groups and individuals whenever we agree, and seek respect and mutual understanding when we do not. We strive to listen to minority viewpoints and to treat everyone with respect.





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