Spiritual Journey Team


Name: Peggy Moore
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 828-779-3690

The Spiritual Journeys Team provides a variety of activities for the community that uplift, inspire, and educate the soul upon it’s spiritual journey of discovery and development. There is much need today for understanding and the use of our spiritual strengths and abilities. We live in a rapidly changing world inundated with information and advancing technologies and it is essential to balance the health and well-being of the individual and the entire planet with spiritual knowledge.

We know that God has revealed and expressed Himself by many means throughout time and that She continues to do so in a myriad of miraculous ways. The Kingdom of God and access to all knowledge is within us, the timing and methods used to enter that kingdom is unique to the individual. We know there will be moments of enlightenment and joy accompanied with fear and darkness as we dance in duality. The Spiritual Journeys Team offers support, education and nurture upon the sacred journey home.

Recent and upcoming events include: a study series around the book Light From the Heavens, a reservoir of mystical art which connects us to the kingdom within, by Patricia Hayes. A workshop with Shonnie Lavender, The Stress-less Family, how to smoothly navigate the high stress moments that occur in every family, Chi Quong with Brian Relph, Male-Female Healing, healing the age old rift between masculine and feminine, with David Robertson, Ph.D. and an evening with Tim Freke, The Deep Awake Life.

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