Volunteer & Service Projects

Small acts when multiplied can transform the world.  Jubilee! always have volunteer opportunities.  For more information contact Jackie D at (828) 252-5335 ext 3 or email at  jubilee@jubileecommunity.org.

You can volunteer to help with data entry, social media, welcoming new comers, hosting events, leading a team or an outing, and so much more. Here are just a few ways to get involved:

For the date and details of specific upcoming events, check out the calendar.

Room In The Inn

roomattheinnSeveral times a year, Jubilee! partners with Homeward Bound’s community-driven Room in the Inn program to provide shelter for up to 12 women.  Jubilee! opens its facilities to welcome the women as guests, offering a warm safe place for them as they work hard to move forward to permanent housing. Volunteers are needed for cooking, evening and overnight hosting and driving.  To get involved, sign-up for shifts before an announced Room in the Inn week, or call Carol at 298-6066.

Team Events

serviceThroughout the year, Jubilee!‘s Service Team hosts a variety of service days and projects, including volunteering at MANNA Food Bank (the second Saturday of the month), trash pick-ups on the Blue Ridge Parkway, drives of home goods for veterans, house-keeping supplies for elderly and disabled residents of the Vanderbilt Apartments, and school supplies for children. For more information, contact the Service Team.

Welcome Table

volunteerVolunteer before or after services to greet people and answer questions at the Welcome Table.  Contact the Jubilee! office at 252-5335 if you are interested in volunteering.

Celebration Gifts

11694155_1596607293945882_4221756912842687568_nJubilants are invited to participate in Celebrations with personal offerings of song, dance, poetry or prose readings, or other unique gifts.  By looking ahead in Seeds of Celebration, the publication that summarizes upcoming Celebrations and themes, you have the opportunity to choose a Sunday to present your unique gift in a way that honors your special talents.  If you are interested in offering a gift, please call the Jubilee! office at 252-5335.  Please remember that gifts already may be scheduled for the Sunday you have chosen, and you may be asked to select another date.

Nurture Program

nurtureWe are always eager to have folks share their gifts with the kids in our Nurture Program. Previous offerings include dancing, drumming, martial arts, circus tricks, watercolor printing, pottery, and animal drawing. If you have an idea, contact Vicki Garlock at vickig@jubileecommunity.org or 252-5335, VMB #2 to discuss possible dates and the most appropriate age group.

Heating Fund

62660_10205735639533595_7248394743767859169_nYou are always welcome to donate to the heating fund.  In addition, we host a Talent Project each year, which helps offset the rising costs of winter heat. If you choose to participate, you will be given ten dollars in seed money to create something to sell at the “Bizarre Bazaar” on designated Sundays in December. Past Bizarre Bazaar merchandise has included hand-made jewelry, pottery, home-baked cookies, knitted and crocheted hats and scarves, original paintings and other works of art, etc.  With the seed money, you can alternatively choose to host a dinner or fundraising party on your own.

Spring & Fall Clean-up Days

IMG_0992Twice a year, Jubilants get together to help deep-clean the building.  Contact Don Fortuna at donf@jubileecommunity.org or 252-5335, VMB #1 if you are interested, or watch the upcoming calendar and blog for clean-up day announcements.