Hiring Administrator

December 20, 2019 |

Jubilee! Community
Job Description

Job Purpose:
Meet administrative duties as defined below in the realms of Financial Management, Office and Staff
Management, Facilities/Equipment Management, and Support Functions to ensure both the daily
operation and long-term stability of Jubilee! is maintained. Interact with all staff directly, providing
organizational leadership. Answer to the Jubilee! Board of Directors, exercising autonomy within the
limits of their role.

Financial Management

(A working knowledge of MS Excel and Intuit QuickBooks required)

  • Assist the Community in developing and implementing a yearly stewardship campaign and other
    fundraising activities
  • In cooperation with the Jubilee! Board, Financial Team and Financial Assistant develop and
    oversee the implementation of a yearly budget based on the results of the stewardship campaign
    and other revenues
  • Oversee the purchase of adequate insurance coverage for our Community & Staff
    (building/contents, workers compensation, liability, health, etc.)
  • Monitor the income/spending of the Community in relation to the established budget, making
    adjustments as necessary
  • In cooperation with the Financial Assistant, prepare/distribute monthly financial reports (Balance
    Sheet and Profit/Loss statements) for the Jubilee! Board and Staff
  • Supervise the counting of revenues each week, making timely deposits to our various accounts
  • Supervise the entry of contribution data
  • In cooperation with the Financial Assistant, oversee staff payroll/benefits and the prompt
    payment of bills/obligations for the Community
  • Oversee the Jubilee! investments, designated gifts, Hunger Fund, Memorial Fund and “Special
    Funds” (funds held in trust by the Community for specific purposes)
  • Oversee disbursement of money through the Jubilee! Compassion Fund
  • Provide members of the Community with accurate reports regarding their donations
    Generate/mail Charitable Contribution Statements at the end of each year to members as
  • Be aware of and communicate IRS rules/regulations governing 501(c)3 non-profits
  • Recruit volunteers to collect the offering every week
  • Assist the Community in developing/implementing financial policies as needed

Office and Staff Management
(A working knowledge of MS Word and Publisher required)
● Establish office policies and procedures
● Oversee Jubilee! personnel policies
● Supervise Jubilee! Financial Assistant
● Supervise Minister of Community Life
● Supervise Minister of Nurture and Curriculum
● Recruit, direct and support Jubilee! office volunteers
● Answer the Jubilee! phone, respond to questions, take messages and distribute messages to
appropriate persons/staff
● Maintain Jubilee! data base
● Oversee weekly production of the Celebration bulletin and children’s bulletin. Prepare the insert
and supervise insertion of materials into bulletin by volunteers.
● Oversee Jubilee! newsletter including the solicitation/writing of articles, layout, printing,
distribution via bulk mail and uploading to the Jubilee! website
● Prepare, print/cut/fold other Jubilee! print materials, including brochures, team cards, flyers,
Seeds for Celebration, new member folders, new board member packets, etc.

Facilities/Equipment Management
(Working knowledge of building construction/maintenance and equipment function/maintenance required)
● Establish building use policies, rental guidelines and fees in cooperation with the Board
● Supervise the Holy Housekeeper, Special Events Custodian and volunteers. Set up for Sunday
Celebrations and other events in the absence of custodian
● Maintain the official Jubilee! calendar, scheduling events and classes for Jubilee! Staff and
● Oversee building rentals, including the screening of renters, compliance with rental/use
policies and payment of fees
● Arrange required services of rentals (set up, use of sound/tech services, stage construction,
lighting, staff presence, etc.)
● Handle, oversee or schedule maintenance of Jubilee! building and equipment including carpet
cleaning, inspections by Asheville Fire Department, sprinkler system, fire alarm system,
insurance companies, etc.)
● Train volunteers to operate equipment competently and safely
● Purchase supplies and equipment as needed (office, custodial/maintenance, sound/tech,
building, etc.)
● Plan, organize and support our spring and fall volunteer “Clean Up Days”

Support Functions
(EQ is just as important as IQ)
● Support the Jubilee! Board and its committees, including, but not limited to, the Board Chair,
Executive Committee, Nominating Committee, Finance Team and other “ad hoc” groups
● Handle other duties as assigned by the Jubilee! Board
● Support the ministry of the Jubilee! Outreach Team
● Support Greeters and Welcome Table staff, answering complicated questions and always
keeping a watchful eye for “unusual activities”

25 – 30 hours/week
Salary: $37,700/year

Please send your resume to garrettpd@gmail.com if you are interested in applying!