Jubilants, You’ve Got a Special Thing Going by Justin Martin

March 1, 2018 |

When I was a student in ministry at Warren Wilson College attending Jubilee!, it was (and still is) the most compelling and spiritual religious experience I had ever been a part of. I felt called to recreate those celebrations of life in my own life’s work. But, and you must know this as Jubilants, you’ve got a special thing going.

This winter, I have been busy honoring Via Creativa by exploring the creation of Jubilee! Charlotte.  It has been a long journey, and we continue to follow the expressions of God we see in creation, which have led me and my family to this exciting place.  Now, in our yard near Charlotte, NC, the forsythia just bloomed.  At Warren Wilson College a couple weeks ago, near Jubilee!, we saw the first crocus pop up.  These are the signs of spring and rebirth that my family always seeks out to let us know that we are entering our Via Transformativa.  In that spirit, I am excited to tell you about the new life springing forth from the Earth and within us in Charlotte with the set start of Jubilee! at Caldwell Presbyterian, beginning March 25th!

Sharing your Principles of Creation Spirituality, we seek to celebrate all of creation as a holy gift and bring the warmth, vibrancy, and blessing that is so present at Jubilee! to Charlotte, your sister just couple hours south.  The celebrations will be held at The Third Place, a coffeehouse and community gathering space tucked into the Caldwell Church building.  The Third Place is the perfect spot for our new work because it is a nonprofit, donation-based social justice ministry that provides career opportunities for under served communities in Charlotte and supports community ministries. And Caldwell Presbyterian is an ideal partner, as a diverse, progressive, inclusive and spirit-filled church in the city.  Coming to them was providence, and time spent with them has been joyous and reaffirming as we join together to bring Jubilee! Charlotte into the world.

On June 10th, I will join Cathryn Zommer and Vicki Garlock to be ordained as Jubilee! ministers.  I can’t think of a better transition into Via Positiva to discover the beauty and awe in each other and ourselves than this blessed ceremony we will share with you all, and then take back to our own communities.  Each time I have been blessed to come share your celebration, I heard again and again that there was passion, connection, and excitement for this effort.

So bring this exciting news to your people near Charlotte! Our first celebration will have a potluck afterward for fellowship as we start our journey together.  The celebrations will be at 4:30 pm on Sundays. Join us as we start our online community at https://www.facebook. com/jubileecharlotte/