April 23, 2019 |

Dear Jubilants,

The Board of Directors wants to give you an “Intermission Report” during our three-week break before we have our final two visits from Justin Martin and Amy Steinberg.  It is important to us that you know how we will wrap up the search and make a final decision.

We have received 120-180 surveys from Jubilants every Sunday after a candidate has led the celebrations.  This information has been invaluable to us (particularly the comments), and we all read every single response.

We are looking forward to Justin’s final Sunday visit on April 28, and I do want to alert you that his Meet-and-Greet finger-food potluck has been moved from Saturday, April 27, to Sunday evening, April 28, at 5 pm at Hanger Hall.  Amy’s final visit will be on Sunday, May 5, and then we will be ready to reach a final decision.

We board members are reminding ourselves to allow this process to be fully completed before we reach any conclusions, and we urge you all to do the same.  The feedback for each of the three candidates has been overwhelmingly positive, so this decision will inevitably be a tough one.

When the Board meets to deliberate about the best possible choice for Jubilee!, the survey results will be only one piece of the puzzle that helps us reach a decision.  As you all know, leading the Sunday celebrations is the most visible part of the minister’s job, and those celebrations create the foundation for the heart and soul of our community.  But there are other very important responsibilities that also come with the job, and so in addition to the survey results, we will take into careful consideration what we have heard and learned from each candidate during two different interviews with board members, as well as the input we have received from staff members regarding their interviews with the candidates.  In addition, we are seeking two-three references for each candidate, and these will provide invaluable insight for us.  And finally, we will complete a background check before finalizing the hire.

In the end, we know that each of you will have your favorite choice, and that there will inevitably be disappointment for those whose number-one pick is not selected to be our minister.  Our deepest hope is that regardless of who ends up being chosen, you will be able to open your arms to embrace this new person and to give Jubilee’s new Minister of Ritual & Celebration the precious gift of time to grow into their role and to develop their own style and approach to the ministry.  We know that we will not be replacing our irreplaceable Howard, and we are not trying to do that.  Instead, we are looking forward to allowing a brand-new voice with a vibrant new vision to lead us into the future.

In anticipation of our new beginning,

Claudia Sherry
Chair, Board of Directors