Nurture Lower Elementary Class

The LE kids (mostly grades 1-2) come upstairs for the beginning of the service – from about 9:45-10:05. They participate in the calling of the four directions, the opening song, and the first gift (usually poetry, dance, or singing). They also put their spare change in the basket on the altar to “feed the hungry.”

They then return to their classroom for the lesson of the day. These lessons are usually grounded in a Judeo-Christian bible story, taught in a dogma-free manner. The kids are allowed to explore the characters and the events in the stories, and we use experiential learning techniques to help them think about how the Bible story might relate to them. We spend a bit more time talking about the basics of Creation Spirituality with its four spiritual paths than we do with the P-K group. We also celebrate a few additional holidays from other religions (like the pagan cross-quarter holidays), and we celebrate some modern, earth-based holidays (like Earth Day and World Water Day). We continually encourage the kids to appreciate all of nature and to recognize the sacred in everything.