Next steps in Leadership

Jubilee! Community Update
From your Board of Directors
April 24, 2020

Hello fellow Jubilants!

This week we are beginning our efforts at collecting input from the community regarding the future of Jubilee!. At the close of this message, you will find a link to a form that you can fill out to share your feedback about next steps for our community around themes of leadership and visions of the future. Please take some time to share your responses.

This inquiry is part of a larger process we’ve been deeply engaged in for over a year now. In its initial stages, we met in world cafes, met in focus groups, prayed together, and visioned together. We spent the last 6 months gaining ‘life-experience’ around the challenges of major transitions in leadership. Who we are, what matters here, and how we use our voice are more important than ever. And, it is our hope that we have more clarity around these questions than ever before. We have been through a great deal of learning together. Now, we find ourselves committed to our beautiful community in new ways as we face a world-wide pandemic. We are called into closer listening, deeper questioning, and into astonishingly unknown territory. We are growing our ability to discern what is next for this wily community and perhaps for the world as a whole.

What is it that really pulses at the core of Jubilee!? There is one theme that is absolutely clear about us. Jubilee! Community is a thriving group of creative, spiritually engaged individuals coming together in concert to inspire, inform, and nourish one another and the world around us. With this rich web of relationships, we can continue to gather our inner knowings and make our way, using new and creative methods, while keeping “the main thing the main thing”.

So, with that, we invite your insights, inspirations, out-of-the-box thinking, what you love, what you miss, what you long for and what you feel this community and our greater community needs. There is a section at the end of the inquiry that can hold anything that doesn’t fit “in a box.” All parts are welcome.

Please take a little time to share your input by following this link: