Nurture Preschool-Kindergarten Class

The P-K group comes upstairs for the beginning of the service – from about 9:45 AM -10:05 AM. They participate in the calling of the four directions, the opening song, and the first gift (usually poetry, dance, or singing). They also put their spare change in the basket on the altar to “feed the hungry.”

Then they return to their classroom for the lesson of the day. The lesson includes a story related to the current theme as well as a craft/activity that allows them to create something unique. Most of the time, the story comes from the Bible; however, at least two lessons each quarter come from another sacred tradition (e.g., Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Native American). Rather than teach in a didactic manner, we use experiential learning techniques to help the kids think about how the stories might speak to them. Because these ancient stories are full of emotions (joy, fear, sadness, triumph, anger, peace), kids can also begin to explore their own emotions and emotional responses.