Sailing…Takes Me Away by Howard Hanger

May 15, 2018 |

You know those old questions that pop up every time a gaggle of Jubilants get together?  Questions like
1. Where did we find such comfortable chairs? Or…
2. When are going to start the Bloody Mary bar?  Or …
3.  Is that actually weed in the burning bowl? Or…
4.  What are we going to do when Howard bows out?

I gots no answers to the first three. But #4, here comes:

For some time, I’ve been thinking that we need some new blood in the Jubilee! Sunday Celebration leadership department. New blood, younger faces, fresh ideas and better jokes. Especially better jokes. We have great music, amazing staff, beautiful facility and all kinds of cool programs. And my guess is that with a new poobah leading the pack, this crazy little community gonna do some zippety-do-dah.

Not only that, I gots some cards up my sleeve that I want to play.

Am I going to move anywhere? Hell no. I wouldn’t leave my home in Asheville for all the whiskey and ice cream in the world. And will I abandon Jubilee!?  Are you kidding? You can’t get rid of me that easily. And where else would I ever want to go to church?

So, here’s the plan:
My official exodus will be on Jubilee!’s 30th birthday in August of 2019, though I don’t plan to wander in the desert for 40 years.

The Jubilee! Board has put together a transition team to make this process as smooth and much fun as possible.

We have strong new leadership possibilities, and you will be given an opportunity to talk with candidates and share your input before a decision is made.

On our last visit to the Florida Keys, we sailed on an extraordinary 68’ sloop called the “When and If.”  Mahogany & teak and three tall masts. But its history also caught my attention. It was built in 1939 and was first owned by General George Patton, who named it. The story goes that he had decided when the war was over and if he was still alive, he would sail that fine vessel around the world. And so he named it. He did live through the war, but died in a car wreck shortly after and never got his round-the-world cruise. But now, the young owners of the boat sail it up and down the US East Coast, offering stellar sailing trips to hundreds of people.

The good ship Jubilee! has been on the seas for nearly 30 years, carrying hearts and heads to places they could never have imagined.  When we first set sail, we had no idea how far we could go.  But we have been around the world on seas of joy and wonder and sorrow and struggle many times. And If we are wise, we will team up with a new captain and sail even further on oceans of infinite possibility.