Social Justice Team – Opportunities to Learn & Act – July 29, 2018 Update

July 30, 2018 |

Everyone of us has the capacity to be a mystic, prophet and an agent for positive change.

Update from the Social Justice Team

As we approach the November elections, there are going to be some lengthy listings for Voting. The song, “We Are the World“, from several years back, when artists supported the needs of those in Africa, seems appropriate. Let’s be up to the challenge. Let’s carry the message that one way we can make a difference is by voting and getting others to do the same.

We offer opportunities to learn and/or act to create a more just world. Feel free to share any events and activities with anyone you please. As always, if you have questions, feel free to contact ​me at [email protected] or call me at 828-768-4559. If you have appropriate social justice announcements or links you wish to share with the team, please get them to me no later than Friday, at noon, before the regular Sunday “edition”.


Voting in this year’s November election requires not only going to the polls but being informed on the issues and amendments, candidates, and the process. Below are some events and activities that will give you some of that information.

  1. Concerned about election security after the 2016 elections? Check out what Buncombe County and North Carolina are doing to protect our democracy this Tuesday, July 31st, 6 pm, at Grace Episcopal Church. Check the details here.
  2. Several faith communities are working with Democracy NC to provide opportunities for people to learn about the 6 constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot and prepare people for the upcoming election. We are offering the same event twice, on different days and locations. The first is next Sunday, August 5th, starting at 4 pm, at Congregation Beth HaTephila. Here is a Facebook link to learn more and RSVP. If you can’t make that event, the second is on Thursday evening, August 16th, starting at 6 pm, at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church. Here is a link to that Facebook page to RSVP. If you are not on Facebook and want to go or have questions, feel free to contact me at 828-768-4559 or via email.
  3. Gerrymandering has created districts that lead to many officeholders being more responsive to their political party and big money than their constituents. Check out this event offered by the League of Women Voters of NC on Friday, August 10th, starting at 1 pm, at Kenilworth Presbyterian Church. Check this link for details and the RSVP link for the workshop and a complimentary lunch beforehand.
  4. The Buncombe/WNC Voter Engagement Coalition maintains a calendar that lists events, activities, candidate forums and workshops around voting. I encourage you to check this out on a regular basis as efforts are really starting to crank up for this November’s election.

Fair Wages 

Want to make a difference on this issue? During Labor Day week, Jubilee! will participate in Labor Sabbath/Sunday. We’re planning a cluster of activities to inspire the Jubilee! Community and other faith communities to action. If you would like to help make this happen, contact Michael Smith (828-575-7963), leader of our Fair Wages issue group, to plan and implement Jubilee!’s involvement in these two opportunities.

Show your support for those who pay a living wage by frequenting these businesses. Here is the list of Certified Living Wage Employers in WNC broken down by type of business.


Immigrant Rights & Sanctuary

We need two more people! The WNC Sanctuary Movement is an organization led by those most impacted by the policy changes of the current administration.  There is a new effort to support families where a member of a family has been detained, typically the “bread winner”. A call has gone out to faith communities to see if they would be willing to consider “adopting a family”, being a “Padrino” or godparent. Here is an outline of the effort; on the second page are the preliminary expectations for the leads.

We are looking for a total of three (3) people to co-lead this effort. (I believe we have one Jubliant already interested.) If you would like to be one of those three co-leaders or have questions, please contact me at 828-768-4559 or at [email protected] no later than Friday, August 10th.

Homeless & Affordable Housing

There are only 2 remaining spots available to share a meal at Haywood Street Congregation on Sunday, August 5th, at 1:30. Read more here about this opportunity.If you are interested and want to attend, please RSVP to Cappy Tosetti by Tuesday, July 31st.
Want to learn more about the people that this good organization serves but can’t come on Sunday? Check out their Faces and Stories page.

Racial Justice

This past Wednesday and Thursday, several members of the Interfaith Initiative for Social Justice in WNC along with others (a total of 40 from several faith communities including First Congregational UCC, St. Mark’s Lutheran, Congregation Beth HaTephila and the Jubilee! Community) “caravan-ed” to Montgomery, Alabama. We went to visit the Legacy Museum and the Memorial for Peace and Justice. It was a long drive, but our “pilgrimage” was well worth it.

There was so much to learn and experience. I came away being thankful for the trip and the folks who made this journey with me. One takeaway for me was that while slavery in its old form may have ended, it has “evolved” or better said mutated to a form that has lead to mass incarceration of people of color. That is the “new” version of racism that all of us must deal with.

The YWCA offers a monthly Racial Justice workshop at their office on S. French Broad Avenue. These are free and open to the public. I attended a session a few months back and found it very valuable. They occur on the second Tuesdays of each month, from 11:30 – 1 pm. The next one is set for Tuesday, August 14th. Here is a link with more information and a way for people to reserve their spot.

And Now for Something a Little Different!

Chat ‘n Snack: Each summer, Jubilants have the opportunity to “party” together at Hanger Hall.  Typically, this occurs three times each summer, with the last one on Sunday, August 19th, from 6 – 8 pm. Our Social Justice team has been asked to do the set up and clean up for that evening. Here is what is needed:

  • A person or persons to coordinate this effort. We have a nice outline from Jackie Dobrinska to work from to make this happen.
  • We need 5 people to do the set up, and another 5 to clean up. I have heard from 3 people thus far, so we still need a few more people to come forward.

Please contact me (828-768-4559 or via email) before the end of this week if you are interested in helping set-up, clean-up and/or coordinating our team that evening.