The Western Wall

Jubilee!’s Western Wall is modeled on the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Israel. Our wall began with a large bulletin board on the west wall of the Celebration Room where Jubilants and visitors posted prayers for themselves, loved ones and the world. Today, the Western Wall has evolved into a place where Jubilants may come to pray with a Prayer Partner.

The Western Wall is located in the Prayer Alcove on the west wall of the Celebration Room.  At the announced time during each celebration, Prayer Partners will be at the Western Wall to pray with any who wish.  Prayer Partners also offer communion during this time. If you feel the need to pray with someone during the week, you may call either of the following people:

  • Jay Joslin at (828) 275 – 4367
  • Ruth Stephens at (828) 683 – 4777

The Prayer Partner will respond to you as soon as possible.