World Beat Band

If you’re coming to Jubilee! you’d better love music!  We play a lot of it, of all kinds and for all seasons.  With a wealth of talented and soulful musicians, the World Beat Band creates an atmosphere of celebration, awe, release, peaceful meditation, and renewal.  Through the sacred and secular sounds of our culture and others’, the Divine moves, threading connections among and within us.  Based on the theme of the season and the particular Sunday, we draw on the broadest musical repertoire we can to infuse our celebration with the right songs and sounds to enhance your experience.  On any given Sunday you’re liable to hear jazz, rock, R&B, or Motown.  Whenever possible we love to bring in Latin, African, Middle Eastern and Native American rhythms and melodies to broaden and deepen your worship experience.

Daniel BarberDaniel Barber (Piano, Guitar, hand drums) Daniel Barber has been coordinating the World Beat Band since November, 2001.  He loves to come up with music to set the mood for meditative and ecstatic ritual and spiritual exploration.  And he particularly loves the freedom to explore the broad range of musical tastes reflected at Jubilee!  Imagine this fairly typical Sunday playlist:  Stuck in the Middle with You for a prelude, Mumford and Sons for an opener, African drumming to welcome the Four Directions, dancing to Shalom Chavarim, Proud Mary during Howard’s meditation and Joe Jackson’s Another World at the end.  This, all in acknowledgement of the Holy, is like tasting the eternal in a glass of fresh orange juice.  It’s here, it’s now, and it’s soooo good!  And he is deeply grateful to the musicians who so generously offer their time and talents to come and take a minimal amount of guidance from me and turn it into an amazing amount of great music to Celebrate Life with!


John Fletcher Photography. 828-230-0053Paula Hanke (Singer) Paula Hanke started singing with the WBB, soon after moving to Asheville in 2006. ‘Singing for the services and playing an intimate role in the heart/mind experience of the community is a most gratifying way to share my voice and more meaningful than many professional experiences I’ve had. Plus, I just love Howard, his meditations, the inclusiveness, and all that he and Jubilee! represent.’ Paula has been singing professionally for over 25 years- starting off as a teenager performing with the Kids of the Kingdom at Disney World to singing on TV’s Star Search traveling all over the country with a show band, singing and dancing in Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, NYC, the Virgin Islands, Tokyo, Germany and Saudi Arabia and the high seas. She’s been involved with many recording projects including her own 2012 release, The Only Voice. She sings locally with many different collaborations including the recent Paula & Tony (Godwin) Duo, Current Invention, a wedding and special event band of which 3 WBB members are current and former members, the BJ Leiderman Band and various jazz and R & B  shows in the region.

Sherman Hoover (Bass) Sherman started playing bass at Jubilee at the end of 1997 when the previous bass player, Andy Smith, left for a job in Nashville. At that time the band was just Sue Tomlin on piano and Sherman on the bass and it wasn’t even called the “World Beat Band” yet. This makes Sherman the longest running member of the World Beat Band to this day. Over the years he has played in many bands outside of Jubilee, including Current Invention with Daniel and Paula, playing mostly for wedding receptions. Since early 2010, he has been performing and touring with The Billy Jonas Band, playing funky family folk music all over the country. He considers playing at Jubilee a great service to the community and a part of his professional music training.  He gets to play fun music with great musicians once a week and it keeps him on his musical toes playing a wide variety of styles in a setting where musical sensitivity and spontaneity are essential to the celebration experience.  He has no doubt that playing at Jubilee has made him a better musician on many levels.

Jay WithamJay Whitham (Guitar) Jay Aílan (ay-lan) Whitham (witt-um) is a journeyman musician. Born in Boston, he first picked up a guitar at age 9. By age 10 he had started to study the guitar seriously and joined his first band.  An alumnus of Berklee College of Music, Jay has played virtually all types of music, in every kind of group imaginable, and spent years on the road with a variety of bands. He has played venues from strip clubs to stadiums, street corners to studios. While he jokes that his career has been all downhill after his band opened for the Rolling Stones in a 1966 Boston concert when he was 16, he continues to perform with a profound joy and musical passion that has been nurtured for a lifetime. Jay and his wife Wendy moved to the Asheville area in 2007. Among his various musical activities these days he is a singer-songwriter, a solo performer, a studio musician, a teacher, and he plays regularly with the band Clear Daze and other Asheville area bands. Along with his wife Wendy, Jay is also a dedicated healer. They both are certified Past Life and Between Lives Regression Therapists, Reiki Masters, and trained energy healers. Jay and Wendy are the founders of The Anam Cara Foundation®

charlieCharley Castex (Drums) Charley Castex is a graduate of Percussion Institute of Technology (Hollywood California) and Drummers Collective NYC. He has performed with eclectic artists such as the Dwain Muller Big Band Jazz Orchestra- Salsa band “Sol Rhythms”- and popular 1990’s national act The “Confidentials”. Charley has also played a major arena gig, opening for pop icons; “The Beach Boy’s”. “I love that the World Beat Band functions as both a Jazz combo and a larger ensemble- always welcoming guest musicians. Jubilee’s central focus on local charity captured my heart”. Internationally acclaimed for his unique Clairvoyant Guidance- Charley’s been spotlighted by The New York Times, The Huffington Post and ABC & NBC national news. Readers of Mountain Xpress have consistently voted Charley “Best Psychic” for over a decade. Charley’s professional focus centers on understanding life lessons and revealing opportunities in our lives. His perpetual goal is to “Read for the heart- and from the heart” Charley pairs his intuitive gift with his passion for spiritual teaching by presenting Intuitive Seminars and inspired Spiritual Retreats around the globe.


Matt BerryMatt Berry Hello this is my story and I’m sticking with it because if I make up some crazy #### I run the risk of being interpreted as having a mental illness; then there’s Howard, the manic minister of social media!  I am Matthew Berry married to Swa Sapp; sons Keller and Sanders.  We live in Whittier 60 miles west of Wall St. As Jubilant jazz saxophonist and Artist and Reportoire dabbler it has been an honor and privilege to be associated with Daniel and the band and Everyone! I am RN @ Cherokee Indian Hospital. It is great place to work. It is truly mind boggling to think about all that the Jubilee! Community does in this crazy world we live in! It is very humbling to stop and realize how much we take for granted; and then how simple it is to just appreciate it. Thank you for everything.


Drummer Patrick Armitage hails from Minneapolis, MN, and has been with the Asheville region’s hottest bands, including Dirty Logic (which both honors the exceptional music of Steely Dan and showcases the incredible skill and unique musical voice of each of the band’s members) and the John Stickley Trio.