The Christmas Poem, 2016

December 20, 2016 |

Angels gone wild with unending joy

toss stars into the wide open night.

With wings clapping in fearless celebration

they shout, “BE NOT AFRAID.”

And shepherds, who struggle to believe

that faith could become flesh

could become God’s child, Mary’s child,

Joseph’s child— every man and woman’s child

cradled in the ancient arms of Bethlehem,

kneel in awe and expectation.

And fat lipped camels

carry kings wearing crowns of stars

moving to the rhythm of night

to the cradle of a baby god

to the incomprehensible mystery

of the CHRIST-mas who invites us

into the dream…to imagine our world

as it should be…wild with unending joy

and peace on earth as we celebrate the

by Mazie Warters, Jubilant