Upcoming Events: 01.18.2019

January 17, 2019 |

Caring for Our Planet Is Happening Again at Jubilee!  New LED lighting installed!
One of Jubilee!’s many attributes is working as a community, both among Jubilants and outside Jubilee! in the greater community. The staff and the Earth Team has worked with Duke Energy, Lime Energy, Creation Care Alliance and the Community Foundation on a project to reduce emissions and energy use by changing our lights. After the project looked too expensive, a representative from the Merchants Association and the Creation Care Alliance worked through the Community Foundation  to close the financial gap. On January 14th and 15th, 164 LED lamp/fixture replacements for the cost of $1,490. This means an annual savings of $2,119. and a reduction of 14,250  killowatts per year. Now that’s caring for creation!

While  conserving energy and saving money is good for Jubilee!, there is an underlying  path of Creation Spirituality that also directs us. Jubilee! embraces  the divine mystery in all of Creation and knows it is our responsibility  to take action where we can to protect our Earth and future generations. Let’s celebrate this project as we look at new ways to make a difference for our home planet.

Do You Give Online?  Please Let Us Know Your Intentions for 2019!|
If you are among the more than 175 folks who have completed your Commitment Card, THANKS!  If not, we hope you will complete one this Sunday indicating your desire to support the ministries of Jubilee! Community in 2019.  If you do use online giving, it would be helpful if you would let us know that you intend to continue to do so in 2019. You may do this by completing a pledge card, by sending us an email at donf@jubileecommunity.org or giving us a call at (828) 252-5335.  We will be setting our 2019 budget on Monday evening, January 28th and the amount to be set as income is based, in part, by the amount of our pledges.  Many thanks!

Winter Herbal Medicine Making
…Tuesdays, February 5 – 26, 5:45 to 7:15 pm
Winter is a great time to build your herbal apothecary for the year to come. Jackie Dobrinska and fellow herbal explorers in Everyday Herbalism will help you discover the delights of our herbal allies, their strengths and limitations, and will make herbal medicines together.  Please RSVP on the bulletin board prior to class so that we have enough materials. $20 per class for material fees and registration, but scholarships are available. Email Jackie at jldobrinska@gmail.com for more information. Classes include:  Immune tonics, Vitality Tonic, Digestive Helpers, Anxiety Busters & Sleep Tonics.

Write Your Prayers
Sunday, January 20 in the Hospitality Room
Sunday morning, January 20th, you will have an opportunity to add color and blessings by creating your prayer flags. We will also need help stapling and hanging the flags after the 11:15 am Celebration. This will be the last chance for you to “write your prayers” for this year.

 Blood Moon Labyrinth Walk
Sunday, January 20 from 9 – 11 pm
We will walk and release all that impedes us, give it to the full moon and stand in awe of the 9:36PM lunar eclip-se. It will be crisp outside so dress warmly, bring a chair, hover near the fire pit and trace your path on the labyrinth.  Candles provided. The walk will happen at the home of Johanna Manasse located at 220 Forest Knoll Court in Weaverville, NC. Donations for Jubilee! Hunger Fund are appreciated. Contact Johanna at Jvm795@gmail.com or (708)224-7199 for more information.

 Become a Wise OWL
Wednesday mornings, 10 – 11 am, January 23rd – February 27th
Wise OWLS is a new team for those of us who are 50+. Let’s get to know each other at a daytime  StoryCircle. Structured format, talking stick, facilta- tor, and optional sharing provide comfort and safety. Check-ins and thought- ful questions offer opportunities for meaningful personal interaction. OWL see you Wednesdays. For more information, contact Darcy at trailwoman@ hotmail.com.

Let’s Make a Plan!
Let your light shine! The Jubilee! Arts Team wants to fill the Hospitality Room with your art display for February and March.  Please contact Nan Davis (nsdasheville@gmail.com) and let’s make a plan.

 Thanks, Early Girl Cafe!
During November and December, Justin from the Early Girl Restaurant up the street from Jubilee!, prepared a spicy dish made from Oh Yeah! Hot Sauce which is made/marketed by Jubilant Kent Joines. He kept track of the “Oh Yeah” meals bought by patrons. This week, he delivered to Jubilee! a donation of $250.  Thanks, Early Girl!

Seeds for Celebration Available
The Seeds are now available online or in print. You will find the print version on the counter in the Hospitality Room. The Seeds for Celebration will tell you everything you might want to know about our Celebrations for the Via Creativa which began on Sunday, January 13th. The theme for the quarter is “Uncovering, Unearthing, Unveiling.”  And, if you have a gift of music, poetry, story or dance to offer, email Howard at howardhangerhall@gmail.com.