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May 15, 2018 |

A Letter to the Jubilee! Community

Dear Jubilants,

“There’s a crack in everything.  That’s how the light gets in.”  Howard’s message about his retirement might feel like it will create a giant “crack” in our community, but as we have been hearing each Sunday during Via Transformativa, the cracks in our lives create the opportunities for the light to get in.  We know without a doubt that in many ways, “Jubilee! will never be the same” without Howard Hanger at the helm, but we can also trust that his retirement creates an opportunity for an entirely new and different “light” to fill our community.

Jubilee’s Board of Directors will be working closely with Howard every step of the way through this time of transition and change.  We have already created a Transition Team of Jubilants to represent our vibrant, diverse community.  This group will take the lead in ensuring that the process is thoughtful, well organized, and most importantly, open.

Every Jubilant who wants a voice in the decision regarding Howard’s successor will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and insights.  The Transition Team will have its first meeting this month.  They will begin by thinking through the qualities we would like to see in our new leadership, the timing of the search, the opportunities we will create for Jubilants to interact with our prospective leader(s), and the feedback loop we will put in place so that each of you can share with us your thoughts.

We are depending on you to participate, and we are committed to keeping you informed on a regular basis about what is happening throughout this journey.  We have plenty of time to do this right, and with your help and involvement, we will.

We have so much for which to be grateful as we approach the milestone of 30 years since Jubilee! was born.  It never would have happened, nor would it have grown to be the remarkable community it is today, without Howard Hanger.  But we can rest assured that we are not going to lose him — he will still be in our midst each week, we expect that he will fill in at the podium when needed, and who knows?  He may even jam with the band on occasion!

Every Sunday as we dedicate our gifts at the end of the service, we sing, “We are here, we are here for all of us.”  Jubilee! is a vibrant, rich, committed, loving community, and it exists because of each one of us, and for all of us.  Howard brought it to life, but over 30 years it has come into its own and it will stand on its own.  It will not only survive — it will thrive as we move into the next 30 years of serving the community, celebrating creation, and keeping the main thing the main thing!  Oh yeah!
-Fred Racey, Chair of the Board & Claudia Sherry, Vice Chair & Chair Elect

 Revolution In 3 Sound Steps:
A bridge to personal, social & system health
How can you make your powerful impact on the world when so many others are out there making theirs? Is human evolution only about political turf wars or is there more going on? And what could sound possibly have to do with it?  Come explore this radically fresh approach to social and political engagement in 3 simple transformative steps with Jubilant Daniel Barber. B.J. (before Jubilee!), Daniel Barber, M.S. was a social worker, social scientist, video producer and political activist . The course will involve 3 sessions on Mondays, May 21, May 28, and June 11 from  6:30 to 8 pm. Limited to 20 participants. The fee is $60 . Enroll at http://bit.ly/2qdyIKt

Starting a New Book
Monday, May 21st, 1:30—3 pm
Jubilee’s Book Group meets Mondays 1:30—3 pm in the Hospitality Room, and we are is always eager to welcome new members.  On May 21st, we will begin discussion of Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe, by Dean Radin. In this newly released book Radin paves the road to new scientific horizons. Based on 40 years of conducting controlled laboratory studies, he argues that magic is a natural aspect of reality that everyone is capable of tapping into. Questions? Call Gretchen Henn, (207) 318-7108.

Summer Chat ‘n Snacks!
The first party is Monday, June 4, 6—8 pm
Pull out your calendars and mark these dates—Monday, June 4, Sunday, July 8 and Sunday, August 19 for our summer Chat ‘n Snacks at Hanger Hall (31 Park Avenue, North, Asheville, 28801) from 6—8 pm. We gather around the pool to swim, enjoy potluck foods, dance and enjoy each other’s company. Wear your swim suit if you want to swim, bring your own towel and finger food to share.  Chat ‘n Snacks are a perfect venue for meeting other Jubilants and expanding your circle of friends.  These summer events are brought to you by the Jubilee! Teams—the first by the Singers. A donation of $5 per adult for the band is asked. Children are free.

Get on the Path to Membership
…Wednesday, June 20th, 6—8 pm at Hanger Hall
Learn more about this amazing Jubilee! Community and get on the path to membership. Join us for Pathways  at Hanger Hall (31 Park Avenue, North,  Asheville, 28801). You will learn about the history, values and culture of Jubilee!  You will hear about ways to get more involved and what it takes to be a member. Bring an appetizer to share. Participation is limited to 20 folks. Sign up at the Welcome Table on Sundays. Questions?  Email Jackie Dobrinska, our Coordinator of Community Life, at [email protected]