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July 6, 2017 |

Summer Is the Time for Nurture Class Transitions!
As always, we will transition kids up to the next classroom over the summer. If your child is scheduled to move up, they can do so at any time during the next few months. Here is a summary of the classes we currently offer in the Nurture Program. If you have questions/concerns about your child’s placement, please contact Vicki Garlock, Nurture Coordinator at 252-5335, VMB #2 or [email protected]

Get on the Path to Membership
…Sign up at the Welcome Table on Sundays for Pathways on June 29 from 6—9 pm
Learn more about this amazing community and get on the path to membership. Join us for Pathways , Thursday, June 29th. We meet at Hanger Hall (31 Park Avenue, North  28801) from 6—9 pm, learning about the history, values and culture of Jubilee!  You will hear about ways to get more involved and what it takes to be a member. Bring an appetizer to share. Beverages will be provided. Participation is limited to 20 folks. Sign up at the Welcome table today. Questions?  Email Jackie at [email protected]

The Next Chat ‘n Snack Is Coming Sunday, July 9th
If you were not able to attend the first Chat ‘n Snack of the summer in June, join in the fun on Sunday, July 12th from 6 to 8 pm at Hanger Hall, 31 Park Avenue, North, about a mile from Jubilee!.  (Maps will be available at the Welcome Counter on Sundays.)  We will gather around the pool to swim, enjoy a potluck dinner and have lots of time to listen to the music and converse.  It is a great way to meet new people!

 Welcome New Board Members
…Our new members are Laurie Berry Clifford, Paul Howey, Claudia Sherry and Dave Trout
In the month of June, the Jubilee! Board is saying goodbye to Lynn Brailsford, Sandy Jones and Sue Martin who have completed their terms. And, we are saying hello to four new persons who are beginning their terms beginning July 1st. The four new members are Laurie Berry Clifford, Paul Howey, Dave Trout and Claudia Sherry. These four individuals are all members of the Community who support Jubilee! with their time and their dollars. Each brings unique gifts to share and in coming weeks you can read about them.  In the May 26th edition we shared information about Laurie. In the June 9th edition we introduced Paul Howey and Dave Trout. In this edition we’ll hear from Claudia.
Claudia Sherry— When I first started attending Jubilee! in 2014, I had just retired from 27 years as a school administrator (22 years as a principal) at Carolina Day School, and I was starting a whole new chapter in my life. After many years of being a church orphan, I wanted to find the right faith community to join, but traditional churches were not the right fit for me. As I have become more involved at Jubilee!, its people have in many ways become my “tribe.” I have come to love the diversity of my fellow Jubilants, and I have enjoyed connecting with people from all walks of life. My Jubilee! experiences (especially the rich discussions that occur in our book group) have enriched my life, and they have broadened my interests beyond the world of education, which was my sole and intense focus for almost three decades. Now the time seems right to be able to give back to the Jubilee! community by serving on its board.

When we asked Claudia about specific skills she would bring to the Board, she replied, “I worked closely with the Board of Trustees for my entire tenure at Carolina Day School, and I understand how non‐profit boards work — their fiscal and policy‐making responsibilities, as well as the visioning and planning that is necessary to effectively lead and guide an organization. I am not a regular joke teller like some people we might know (who stand at the Jubilee! podium every Sunday), but I do love humor and a good laugh! I feel that I would bring the wisdom gained from both my professional and personal experiences, and there is no doubt that I can work hard when necessary.  Welcome Claudia!

Seeds Available
The Seeds for Celebration for the Via Positiva, our summer quarter, are now available in the Hospitality Room and on the Jubilee! website. Go to the website (www.jubileecommunity.org) and click on the Sunday Celebrations Tab. At the bottom click on Media & Recordings.  On that page, select Seeds for Celebration.

Living Is Easy…But not for Everyone
It is summertime and, as the song goes, living is easy. But not for everyone. Our homeless women still need our help. Jubilee! will be hosting Room in the Inn again July 16th—23rd. We will need volunteers to cook, drive, serve as dinner hosts and as overnight innkeepers. Can you help? Sign up starting Sunday, June 25th, in the Hospitality Room. Or call Carol Greenspan at 298-6066 or email her at [email protected] Without your assistance, we could not continue to spread our “angel wings!” Thank you.

Going to the Wild Goose Festival?  Jubilants…Get a discount!|
The 2017 Wild Goose Festival is July 13-16 in Hot Springs, NC.  Many Jubilants have experienced this Festival of “faith-inspired social justice…co-creating art, music, story, theater, and spectacle.”  At the website (www.wildgoosefestival.org) you’ll see full descriptions of artists, singers, storytellers and videos that give a feel for the Wild Goose movement.  When you register, be sure to enter the discount code JUBILEE to get these prices (which, for adults, are almost $100 off the best regular price.)  Adult – $169; Senior 65+ – $149; Student – $99; Youth 13-17—$49. Children under 12 are free. The Jubilee! Social Justice Team supports this event.

Good-bye & Hello
We are very sorry to say good-bye to our much-loved Nursery Coordinator, Danielle Ronis. She recently completed her Nursing degree at AB-Tech and accepted a position with the University of Kentucky Medical Center. Our new Nursery Coordinator is Sun Romér. Please say hello when you walk by and welcome Sun to our community. Our August/September newsletter will feature an article about the skills Sun brings to this position.

Share Your Gifts
Enjoy dancing, playing music, or being creative in other ways? Want to share your gifts with kids? If you have something to share with the Nurture Program kids on Sunday morning, call Vicki at (828) 252-5335, VMB 2#. We love to have folks from the community downstairs interacting with our younger Jubilants.