Upcoming Events: 11.11.2016

November 10, 2016 |

Sunday, November 20th is Thanksgiving & Commitment Sunday
Bring your Thankful Spirit and your Commitment Card indicating your desire to support the ministries of Jubilee! Community in 2017.  Commitment Cards will be mailed to Jubilants the week prior to the 20th, but if you do not receive your card in the mail, no problem!  We will have extras in the bulletins, on the Communion Table, in the Hospitality Room and at the Welcome Table. We consider giving as an opportunity for spiritual growth and hope you see it that way as well.

Get on the Path!  Sign Up at the Welcome Table this Sunday
…Thursday, November 17th, 6—9 pm at Hanger Hall
Intersted in learning more about Jubilee!? Want to meet some of these wacky Jubilants? Then sign up for Pathways which is the best way we know to get involved at Jubilee! And if you would like to become a member, this is the way to get started.  Finger foods and beverages will be served.  Participation is limited to 20 folks.

Our Stuff: Trinkets, Treasures or Time To Let Go Coming
…Sunday, November 20th at 5:30 pm in the Celebration Center
Our Stuff: Trinkets, Treasures or Time To Let Go, a movement theater presentation directed by Barrie Barton, will be performed at Jubilee! on the 20th of November at 5:30 pm. Described as “authentic theater,” the performance interweaves personal story, movement and multimedia, creating a montage of human experiences that are both personal and universal. “Throughout life, we come to decision points about things we cherish and what is no longer useful – and that includes real objects as well as personal habits or behaviors,” says Director Barrie Barton. “These ‘things’ are the archival threads of our life, mapping where we came from and where we are going.”

Through a 9-week workshop, 15 participants – men and women co-created the performance. The process includes movement exploration, writing and conversation. Barton explains, “The Community Choreography Project’s creative process is to harness the unspoken, the hidden, the unshared and transform it into the spoken, seen and expressed actions through the container of creativity, performance and community.”

Tickets are available at the door for $10. For more information, please contact Barrie Barton at barrie@communitychoreography.com. This performance is sponsored by the Arts Team.

Winter Items Needed
The Jubilee! Service Team is sponsoring a collection drive to help the homeless at AHOPE  Day Center. “Our Day Center is the front door to all of our services. We provides things like showers, mail, storage, coffee and a safe place to rest, but we also assess people for housing assistance because our ultimate mission is to end homelessness with permanent housing.” A red collection bin is in the foyer through   November 20th. Items needed for both men and women and include hats/toboggans, gloves, scarfs, hand warmers, socks  and cough drops.

It’s Not Too Late
The Jubilee! Book Study Group began discussion of The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World, by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu & Douglas Abrams just this past Monday. To quote from a review: “… (the book) shows the many ways in which these two great spiritual leaders, both of whom are also great teachers of peace and reconciliation, embody the totality of what it means to be both ordinary and simultaneously outrageous, mischievous, and completely unpredictable!”  It is not too late to participate. Please join us!  Questions? Call Claudia: (828) 713-3720.

Sell Your Wears, Shop for Gifts!
If you are participating in the Jubilee! Talent Project to raise money to keep folks warm this winter, (Remember when you took an envelope with a $10 bill inside?) mark these dates on your calendars: Sundays, November 27th and December 4th from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. We will have tables set up in the Hospitality Room for you to sell your creations.  First come, first served. This is also a great opportunity to purchase gifts for family or friends.

Seeds for Celebration for the upcoming Holy Days (Holidays!) are now available in the Hospitality Room and on line at the Jubilee! website (www.jubileecommunity. org).  The Seeds will tell you everything you might want to know about these Celebrations. Have a gift to offer? Email Howard at howardhangerhall@gmail.com.